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Human rights
Has been lost
Inside the walls
Rules the pain
Live like swine
Working slaves
For the guards

Fading screams descends
than our pain
Than our oppression than our human rights
Sure take from the rich and give to the poor
But when will the greed stop when will the human
History will teach us nothing 
History will teach us nothing 

Know your human rights 
Be what you come here for 
Know your human rights 
Be what you
For today we will take the body parts and put them on the wall

For treated indigenously, digenously
Human right is private blue chip, pry

American dollars and weapons gleam
Support another corrupt regime
Human rights long out of style
Another killing another farce-trial
While wickedness is all around 
So what's the use of all the fuss and fight 
What about the basic human rights 
There's enough for one and all 
the truth is seen
Sheltered from realities of life, your human rights are free

Freedom, taken for granted 'cause we don't know what oppression means
All hail to a fascist police state
Assent the doctrines of a despotic leader

An ordered violation of our human rights

Blood-stained soil no longer
so great?
This nation full of hate
Imperialist and racist
Repressing human rights
Is the American dream
What we really need
While the homeless freeze
protect you if that dollar sign is right
There's a war in every nation but we turn our heads tonight

Human rights went on vacation
Money took over
to profit
Testing new arms, trading new arms, suppressing human rights
Exploiting others property for your dream of power

But your argumentation sounds
And leave his woman choked in mace

So stand up for our human rights
Push back this pest of hate
Raise you voice pass on the light
Unite! it's
of concealed genocide

laws are existing to protect money and property
Not to protect people and their human rights
While the rich white male is the owner
creating a
Civilization where human beings of whatever color, race
Or creed, should be born with the equal privileges of
The Fundamental Humans Rights
Your life matters
His life matters
Her life matters
Then black life matters

Police life matters
The judge life matters
If human rights matter
not the only people
In our generation

Cultures fuse in a global nation
Human rights for indigenous peoples
Learning life's lessons of old
or Die"

Its not a rebel cry of some socialist Scheme to push for human rights Just the facts an obvious mentioned on the Behalf of the working man, for
want to stay

Defend their human rights
Take them by your hand
And show them how to fight
Fight for their land
Infight I see the world
A war of pride
Big business so well known
For sale all human rights

Hands shake in action
Peaceful intentions

It well recalls the triumphs past
It gives the hope of peace at last
The banner bright the symbol plain
Of human right and human gain
silence your voice
Don't let them rob you of your human rights
Don't silence your voice
Don't let them rob you of your human rights
Stand up for
of elements,the children of dreams
their gods are only illusions
human rights crushed in the fingers of the might
long centuries the sleep of mother earth
Of peoples rape, recorded on tape
Brought shame to the presidency

Tonight, tonight
One more point for human rights
Tonight, tonight
One more
becomes increasingly impoverished and no one can deny that severe human rights violations have been committed in relation to the oil exploration detentions,
changed any fuckin' thing
Your contempt and disregard
For human rights outrage us all
I keep tryin' that's all I can do
You've made a mockery of justice