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(Buck Owens)
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Open up your heart and let my love come in
Open up your heart and let my life begin
smack, slap, smack, slap, smack. 
Click, click, boom, stop dead in your tracks.
Stick the steel in your mouth,
Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, lights out.
down by me

He leaned on the tank that was helping his breathing
Said it's bad when your body is gone
I said this is sure a nice town that you've got
A buck 50 for a buck 50 any way we could
Nike Roshe'ing to the payment for a Meagan Goode
And pulling Mach 5's just the way we should
Way we
Played an old Buck Owens record never ever seen it fail
Got the hungrys for your love tiger by the tail

We're goin' foot stomp stompin'

You know I
I love you in a special way, hey, hey
I need you right by my side
'Cause don't you know you make me happy
Boy with you is where I wanna be
And your
know about that
look out for the Hood Starz album by the Git It Boyz
You know, shout out to the Trak Starz
They in da building Buck Ban and Zoe
Wills - Cherokee Maiden; Buck Owens - Tiger By The Tail; Hank Williams - goes without sayin'. Now that's what I'm dob

Yes sir, that's what I'm talking
You looked down at your shoes
You'll think about that tender heart
That you crushed beneath them soles
With your cold bustin' stompers
You left my head
Our daddy liked George Jones
Haggard and Buck Owens
Momma liked The Eagles and The Beatles
And The Rolling Stones

When I was just a little kid
the album dropped
White Lexus before I had a deal
Ask Bun B about me

This ain't no snap back, a nigga been trill
By the way, fuck your math
You ain't
(Dolly Parton/Bill Owens)

You lied to me 
I can't believe 
That I've been such a fool 
I thought this time 
I might find 
Someone who would play by
[Verse 1] Welcome to the land of misery Where my delivery strikes with madness Hearts explode from a touch of the 44 blastin (Party) By the killas
music gotta stretch your soul
Just relax and let the rhythm take you
Don't you be afraid to lose control
If your heart has found some empty spaces
diluted the fun
Cause breaking it down until it's broke is no joke
I'ma continute to fracture the groove until I croak
Lyrics flow from the soul, the heart
Wu-Tang said you best protect your neck
'Cause I ain't got no heart for you, for you I have no heart
My crew'll rip your ass in two like in Jurassic Park
you want to go it's up to you
And wouldn't it be fine
Following your heart, playing your own part

You and me out on a farm, let the sun be our alarm
Got me feeling like I'm Clive Owen rowing through a future frozen
But the flow is a burning wind, blowing to your coast and
Now in cages 'cause we
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the One World Album. It has also been released on The Country Roads Collection album
the driveway
A buck thirty-five, I'm on the highway
Frank Sinatra on my Sonos
Loud as fuck, I did it my way
A million sold before the album dropped
White Lexus
It ain't that you sellin, it's your karma
Rappers I monitor like a chaperone, you large and haven't grown
Poetically perform fly-bys, another rapper
And I'll coming to say goodbye
Took inside and maids by buck-bye
More than dreams and the bottom come
When she would come back, right and well
Say you waitin' out your deal till you hear it's up
Planin' to make away with 20 million bucks
You bullshitin' me, right? Is you serious brugh?
and went nuts
Makin' death threats, talkin' loud, gettin' buck
Man, they said I did what? Folks I'm just gettin' up

Say you waitin' out your deal till you
Buck, buck, buck, buck, booyakasha!

What the fuck you mean you ain't know my name?
Only thing I changed, I ain't got no change
Still me and my