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The truth hurts, but you can't be scared of it
So remember that, OutKast, Goodie Mo.B.
Still standing for something while y'all falling for nothing
chances of losing is slim. 
Y'all talk that smack but copy-cat and do a movie like him. 
Yes sir my mob got that goodie, as if my group had a kid. 
Fall in and get quoted y'all
It's Cashis
Welcome to the Shady game
G's up

Obie went plat
An' he back with another classic
check them
This week got OutKast and No Limit, and Eightball
Scarface, Ludacris, and Goodie Mob, UHH

We do it country cause we proud of this shit
that nigga you don't know
Bitch nigga you don't know me nigga you don't know me

Now its a bunch of niggas hatin on the mob since we came on
in Eightball
Scarface, Ludacris and Goodie Mob, uh
We do it country 'cause we proud of this shit
All those that wanna hate on hip-hop can eat a dick
a classic
Fags get put inside a casket, cliques get blasted
by them niggaz tatted with dragons

I'm try'na live one time shine (why can't a nigga