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real, my hustle dope
I'm finding meals, I'm signing deals
I'm the Gladiator like Russell Crowe
Yeah, you know it's real, but I'm focused still
Why you
the Batman (Batman)
We need the Batman (Batman)
I must be a creature of the night

"Black, terrible! Um, Um
As if in answer a huge bat flies in the open
A boy is born in hard time Mississippi
Surrounded by four walls that ain't so pretty
His parents give him love and affection
To keep him strong
front, and get to rockin', and my clique is poppin'
Now my hits is droppin' that's why the chickens flockin'
I ain't a come up, I got the Louis black
and then
I sort of fell in to my own
Kind of felt at home when behind a microphone
But on the bus ride home, that didn't mean a thing
Harassed by thugs,
on the d-low
Knowing's have the battle, so now you know
To be on point, 'cause anybody can be a casualty
Some brothers lost there life, fuckin' with O-P-P
Sometimes I can’t help cryin’
People when I hear about the dying
Young men, women, children
By the violence they’ve endured
Just start
but um
Man, they lookin' for us man
Call me over peaches house

Now it was once said by a known loc G
Always tryna come up, and yeah that's a G
Into brown gravy for supper Sunday 

They got 50 pound bags of chicken nuggets 
They got yummy yogurt by the bucket. 
Shelves and shelves
I just touched down
Quarter after two (black 1-0-2)
I know it's late(real late)
But I'm calling you(calling you)
Trying to figure if i(i)
I just touched down
Quarter after two (black 1-0-2)
I know it's late(real late)
But I'm calling you(calling you)
Trying to figure if i(i)
to attack 'um 
One day, I had the cell lit, up on Lewis Park 
Cool Al appears, backs up, fresh Clarks 
It's a hot day black, and the sun's beamin' down
the holocaust with Supreme hats with 'em
I am tryna get Ms. Piggy by the motherfucking hairs of her chinny chin chin
Um, what's that? The cock of a black dude
The look up sto on his faces
(Big boy) this kids outrageous he's byein them by the cases
(Big boy) 'cause once I cop um I gut um and switch the laces
is longer than the hat worn by Dr. Seuss
Love a girl in Daisy Dukes like them kids called Duice
Gets paid to sex the hoochie like my main man Luke
Westside get busy yall
Worldwide get busy yall

Now on your mark get set
Go cop everything you ever heard by P.Crack Dice Raw and Black
Say G (goo)
Say um, say T, say T (baby noise)
Yeah, say G (baby noise)
Say O (baby noise)
Say P (baby noise)
Say U (Baby noise)
Say me (me me)
with the missile
I be-um be-um be-um and I didn't mean kiss her
I beat it out the frame you know I'm hurricane
Then I dipped off in the middle
[ KM.G ]
Yo, this is somethin new by notorious-ass Above the Law
In the motherfuckin place
The Illustrator KM.G
Yo 187, you gotta let em know what's
Um, yeah palms sweating guess it's time for the murder
My nigga my nerve, I swerve left you dead on the curb
Tell his family get them black clothes
one night in Manhatten, chillin, buggin
Me and some of the crew went around to this club and
peeped it, scoped it, hope the shit was rockin
Stuns by

I was conceived by Gloria Carter and Adaness Revees
Who made love under the siccamore tree which makes me
A more sicker emcee than my momma would
note I'm leaving after this song
So you ain't gotta feel no way about Jay, so long
At least let me tell you why I'm this way, hold on
I was conceived by
Uh, I think why'all know by now it's F-A-be	-O-L-O-you-S (uh, yeah)
I think why'all know by now it's ..

[Verse 1]
You ain't never seen a nigga
(Big boy) this kids outrageous he buying them by the cases
(Big boy) 'cause once I cop um gut um and switch the laces
(Big boy) they all purpose ya heard