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me go, tell me love is not lost.
Sell everything; without love day to day insanity's king.
I will pay day by day, anyway, lock, bolt and key.
over a double
And landed on my head
So um...I did it on the 426
Yep...wasn't to fun
But before that dude I was fuckin totally in tune
And feelin kick ass
Carrying those fears around, worry makes the world go round

You're twisted up like a slipknot
Tied by a juicehead who just took his t-shot, and I know
Danny Bonaduce?
Um, no, it's
He's ripped, ripped I'm telling you
I heard he's a little, you know, fallen on the deep end, maybe
Oh, yeah, well
He's gonna
I've felt the hate rise up in me
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves
I wander over where you can't see
Inside my shell, I wait
for a week
My girls trippin' and we gettin' searched by the heat
On top of that my merks guy rips this blind 
Worst part I thought I was a pack
from Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim too
Oh, we'll give them the slip and we'll take a sip
Of the rare old Mountain Dew

Hi di-diddly-idle-um
Um, Joey
This is um, this is Greer
Ah, hey, let me tell you somethin'
I just heard the new free at last record by dc talk
Hey, guess what man
and eagles
But I'm lost and feeble wondering if this restarts the needle
Look around, do you spot Tech
In front of seventy thousand at RockFest
By the way
to feel like a restless gone free
Well as years go by now you finally see, oh yea yea

Ain't this what dreams are made of, um um in the night
Ain't this
and guilt's the prosecution
Where necks are bound into slipknots of shallow souls
Walking narrow roads to be hung from gallows poles
Nobody knows me success
out (Um hmm)

I'm the top n****, watch n****, hot n****, yo (Yo)
S*** that I dropped, nonstop n****, whoa (Whoa)
Meet the futuristic unpredicted by
it on 
Timbo, I even bowed it down in NO 
And every corner that I flow 
I get it on 

Can you get it on? (Um hm) 
Are ya hands up? (Um hm)
Do it, um hum, yeah, huh, um, do it 
Do it, um hum, yeah, huh, um, do it 
Do it, um hum, yeah, huh, um, do it 
Do it, um hum, yeah, huh, um, do it
that it'll break
And if you break it you buy it and we sold it by the case
It's OK if you just try it you can hold it to your face

How close can you
I'm Eleanor Rigby, I picked up the rice
In the church where the weddin's had been, yeah
I'm Eleanor Rigby, I'm keepin' my face in a jar by the door
don't need love, looking like diamonds
Looking like diamonds

Rat-tat-tat-tat on your dum-dum-drum
The beat so phat, gonna make me cum, um, um, um, um
the people that run um got um on a short leash 
'Cause the people that run um got um on a short leash 
'Cause the people that run um got um on a short leash
Lyrics by the fado poets (Popular)
Music by Pedro Ayres Magalhães & Rodrigo Leão
Quando uma guitarra trina
Nas mãos de um bom tocador
A própria
dit die o 
Dit dit die o 
Dit dit die o 
Dit dit die o 

She lives in an ivory tower 
A tower built by fame 
Um Hummmm 

She's got the wealth and power
Mais Feliz
(Lyrics by Cazuza)

O nosso amor não vai parar de rolar
De fugir e seguir como um rio
Como uma pedra que divide o rio
Me diga coisas
Written by jeremy spencer.

My baby, my baby she's so good to me
My baby, my baby she's so good to me
Yes, she's so fine, as fine as a little girl
Words and music by Rolf Brendel
Jeden Abend um die gleiche Zeit
Vor der Kasse fur den Film bereit
Sternenglanz aus Hollywood
Bogart mit
Buy me a ticket, I'll go to the Bahamas
I need a rest from our petty little dramas
Yes I really do

Aha um hum
Look what you've done
I'll get by as long as I have you
Though there be rain and darkness, too
I'll not complain, I'll see it through
Poverty may come to me it's true