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music, this is gun clap music
Load it up, cock it back and blast to it

[Fredro Starr]
Yo, who shot ya?  It's too late to try to operate
Hard escape
thought by now that you have learned your lesson 
I'm stressin points and slammin all joints you call the real shit 
Correct shit, you know the busta way
wie Benzin in meiner Lunge meine Hintergedanken liegen auf der Zunge
Ich weiß, du machst dir Kopf, Brudi, dich bringen die Sorgen um
Doch uns're
breath! {*"A word from our sponsor"*}

Some confuse ass-breath for strong halitosis
It's been hundreds of years since the first diagnosis
hurt if you come from out of town
But down by lord that's word


Show stoppin emcees

Yeah here streets is move by glocks in whos pocket

ich hoffe für euch zu verkraften.

How many more men must die pass by the public eye 
On both sides of the Atlantic watch the panic multiply