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That allow a man to be

There are wounds that bleed in silence
With aristocratic grace
There are tears we keep beside them
Never seen upon
by nails
My lips are glazed with words of rebirth in praise of death
I grasp for air in the submergence of my own sin
Clinical silence for the seed
is gone
The grief stays seeded and bleeds to the bone
I want out!

Suicide, suicide, suicide
Got one in the chamber
It's waitin' to take you right out
Knowledge on the court, observin' what is all around
The light goes up, my mic blows up, the silence is now sound
Hearin' and fearin', the momentum
poetry are my hobbies 
I can't get through a hawthorne heights album without sobbing 
Girls keep breaking up with me, it's never any fun 
They say they
and tongue of Malcolm
Tellin' my publicist, fuck this government
Go 'head and make my album, this is the judgment
Vacate the island, billions will start
can't wait 'till I die
And leave blood on the curtain
Fatal thoughts of death, suicide is certain
I kill for a quarter, lyrics deep as the water
And it made me want to scream
Tear my face off run through the streets
Pandemonium me, fucked by decree
Came a long way from young and alive when I was