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by Dizzee Rascal 
Album : Showtime 

Marga Man: Yo, i dunno...marga man here. with the raskit; dizzee rascal. 
Yo, walkin through
Lead the boys on yeah, fightin over shit
Number 2 album, nigger I'm the shit
Ey yo Da's look now were winnin
We use to be in the flats chillin
Nananizzle, north east south west, whole of the country
I'm kinda famous, thanks poppsy
If you want food, stay around Dubsy
C's got the lend ting, trust me
to me
Because she ain't used to no bosses
Ahah, all I got now is sausage
I do not count the losses
I just grab on the big back ting
And turn onto new
You flossin now, you be pardon by next month
Type of thug, yo I was born to bug
Waitin for us to fall, nigga join the club, what
to ultimate fame
Now can you explain how you got in involved this game?

First of all you need to watch your mouth and mind how you chat
Cause you're