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Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
Hank Jr. - Family Tradition; Willie Nelson - Angel Flyin' Too Close To The Ground; Ray Price - Crazy Arms; Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down. Now
With a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling

When sliding down the rope came Willie Nelson
Sayin' "Son, let's find the party that never ends"
legs is where my brain is at 
Cause I'ma nymphomaniac 

Willie Nelson, Willie Nelson, we gonna sing some country 
Maybe I didn't fuck you 
like Willie
Nelson, so what the hell son, no bore ya
Anoy ya when I spill the beans like lawyer
I saw ya, tried to pick my style, hit the balls
I guess
Beat a Willie Nelson of the new generation
A risin legacy shoutin across every nation
I need a passport luggage and a new Rolls Royce
50 Billion but I
to Willie Nelson
Everywhere that I go, I blow fo sho, you smelled it
A lot of y'all fucking with me, saying I'm on your bucket list
But I ain't the one
went bankrupt, album went gold quietly
Got out our contracts, happily free
Now it's D3, 2 On The Road and GG'z
We ain't regular M.C.'s, we prophet