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Nation Album of Ace Of Base
The Unholy bands from the holyland [Album] - Compiliation.
Cause Of Death by Obituary
Deicide Album by Deicide
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the One World Album. It has also been released on The Country Roads Collection album
the song from Neal:

"Yes, Beware of Darkness was written by George Harrison, the ex-Beatle. It is the first cut on the 'All Things Must Pass' album
This song was first released on the Autograph album. It is the only album it has been released on.

He was stranded in some tiny town
On fair
*****Erasure Lyrics*****
*****Version 1.0*****
Albums and be-Sides
-Painstakingly compiled and transcribed by John Setlik
This song was first released on the Some Days Are Diamonds Album. It is the only album it appears on.

For someone who's got everything, life can
like time passing me by, slower than a slug
While this feelin' inside of my body's feelin' like a rug
You can hug me, rub me on the back like a child
Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Available on the album breaking hearts

Guess there are times when we all need to share a little pain
the early day
Constant chill deep inside
Shouting gun, on they run through the endless grey
On they fight, are they right, yes, by who's to say?
There's a photo in an album he don't notice anymore
That's me, that's me
There's a stack of cards and letters buried deep inside a drawer
This is the time to be in the moment
Ain't no room for stalling room time for living in the moment
Slip inside the rhythm let's get 'em, yahm
This song was first released on the All Aboard! album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Daddy, what's a train? Is it something I can
"Hide me, old blest Rock of Ages";
Every day will be Sunday by and by.
Heavenly love inside the gates,
Give the world a smile each day.
They were
In a tear that I will leave behind me
Cause I'm as real as I wanna be

Taken from "real as I wanna be"-album leaflet by sunny
From the new album "Time The Conqueror"
By Jackson Browne

Pretty Nova, one year over
Legal age of consent
In the flower
So unaffectionate, so insecure
You claim to know a thing or two about heartache
And what it's like to have your insides torn out
And I believe you
And now the nights are drawing in
Poor Baby Blue's wrapped up again
Inside her final pain
I'd help her if I could I say
She puts us all to shame
You always keep me coming back for more
So many faces in the world but I want yours
The way you make me feel inside my bones
I can't remember how
The Intergalactic Laxative
Words & Music by: Donovan Leitch - 1973
Performed by: Donovan
Album: Cosmic Wheels - 1973

I was impressed like everyone,
the darkness that greets our pleas?

Trapped in my skull, sanities locked inside
Can't express my feelings, the pain I must hide
My body possessed by
make another "illmatic"
But it's always forward I'm moving

Never backwards stupid here's another classic
See-notes is falling from the sky
By now

You need to believe
And follow your dreams
Follow the path that will lead your heart
Then you can find
The answers inside
They will be told by
the imagination of a generation 
New humans inherit the earth 
They are the masters 
Protected by Bobaflex 
All throw your blasters 
(hu- hail) 
Now if you
is just the guy to lead a crew
Right up to your face and diss you
Everyone saw me on the last album cover
Holding a pistol something far from
to be it
Well are you prepared
I hope you are prepared nigga
'Cause you know this is album number two
Yes more bitches than before
There'll be more