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From the album sutras

In the night
In the dark night
There's a light
That shines on me
And the lady of the lamp she
Lies by me and holds on tight
Easy in the city,
Easy in the mind.
Easy in the city,
Easy in the mind.

Light is slanting sideways
Sun is getting through.
Gonna take a taxi
let their differences divide

And one by one, they ran away
With their made up minds to leave it all behind
And the light began to fade
In the City
straight till the morning light
And nothing's forever but you're getting better

This city's gonna half fall
Not enough to keep the walls from coming down
When I can't find words and wisdom in my life
And barriers abound
Should I feel blinded by the light
Knee deep up to my neck in heavy water
Black sun came and changed our name
Made our lives this simple stain

All we do is smite
For what we think is right
Sound of mind bereft of sight
She walks along the city streets as if no would dare
Follow the path that she has chosen to take her anywhere
She walks beneath the city lights, no
In the big city, where the lights are low
Cold dirty ground, where the rivers don't flow
Nothing's gonna change so throw it all away

In the big
walking hand in hand)
I wish you were here
(they take one look at me and seem to understand)
This city of light is a lovely sight
The first bright star I
"They waved among the trees at breakneck speed" 

Keep it simple 

Utilize to abuse minds 
Slice head halves, let's probe the subconcious lobe
hits your eyes
While you get beaten by violent guys
Sound of sirens thought the night
But as a rescue city light

If blood''s the answer
the blues come out to play,
And jazz leaves her number...
It's funny, she always says:

"Well, the city lights fly by me,
As their eyes are getting heavy.
the lights
I leave all my tears behind
Mirrors in my eyes
Dazzle in my mind
Blinded by the mirror ball
I can forget it all
Stars are in the sky
Colours pass me
(Kick it to em, man)	--> Flavor Flav

[ VERSE 1: Dangerous Dame ]
Livin in the city of macks you can't be jokin
The city is called
Have you ever stopped and listened at the way that a city sheds its tears
At the streams of the junky who needs nothing more than just a needle by
and confused by the light

Oh I can feel it breathe inside
The devil in my mind
Oh I can feel it seeping in
The cold the city brings
to come up mathematically
I did it for the city but now everybody mad at me
Motherfuck em all they sweat from my balls
If I drop another album I did that
the haunting children's rhymes 
That once was part of Dublin in the rare ould times 

Ring a ring a rosey, as the light declines 
I remember Dublin City in
the haunting children's rhymes 
That once was part of Dublin in the rare ould times 

Ring a ring a rosey, as the light declines 
I remember Dublin City in
my world, Ludaversal
My life your entertainment
This has been my world, Ludaversal

Almost everyday I'm waking up in another city
Another country,
America to me

The place I work in
The worker by my side
The little town the city
Where my people lived and died

The howdy and the handshake
The painful truth 
Is all to real

What can I say
To change your heart
Oh tell me, in simple words
The rain of hope, to the light this storm
You motherfuckers oughta let me go and finish this motherfuckin album
Dr. Dooom..
Name of this track is called "I Don't Want
Coming all around us in the blue light of the morning
The whole entire world was in your eyes
Felt so powerless and simple, the rain was
I was blinded by the city lights
LA livin' up the crazy life
Lookin' back on how far I'd come
Not quite sure what I was runnin' from

A million