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And when I'm rollin' by
Niggas Can't see Me

The stares of a million pairs of eyes
And you'll never realize
You can't see Me

Been getten worried that
blame you (who can really blame you)
We're the ones who (chicka) made you

Back by popular demand
Now pop a little Zantac or ant'-acid if you can
Hip-Hop prisoner, Alberto V-O-5
in your scalp like conditioner, hit you by the eye
Fuck your 20/20 vision up, used to be a pilot
Now he can see
Toujours mon nom qui revient tes pas content
C'est toujours viens métaphores flow toujours 20/20

Rohff au micro sa fait
Toujours mal
By Wisin why Yandel
Album: Mi Vida... My Life (2003) vuelve loco....
....cuando baila..... 

Esa nena cuando baila me vuelve
dos? Un tiroir Cuisinella
Les barrettes c’est des tronçons d’bois, hache de bucheron
Si t’abuses trop d’la sson-boi, mes couilles te pousseront
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    Together You And I Lyrics
I heard your style and I beat you nigga
Your whole album I sleep through nigga
'cause 'Te's an avalanche so call an ambulance
And tell 'em to pick
at our shows they stand adamant
'Te got the corner blitz on got your quarterback scramblin'
Checkin' the sidelines to see just what the fuck is happenin'
brought the hammer if y'all front (woh)

Yeah, the kid been makin' these mami's, yell "papacita"
Since Kangols and shell-top Adidas
Love when te
J'peux pas t'laisser sans être sûr qu't'aies totalement compris man
J'peux pas t'laisser écouter cet album puis t'voir encore au même stade bro
You see I smash on you pussies and creep with the thugs
I got a T-shirt that say "Weed is not drugs"
I got a tight spot that sits by the sea
m'faire sucer dans les bouchons
Les autres mc's sont touchants, quand Sadek pose tout change
Boucherie, j'peux chier un album en me mouchant
Et tu

Yeah, the kid been makin these mami's, yell "papacita"
Since Kangols and shell-top Adidas
Love when te-ta's look like they'll pop through