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There was one who would stand by my side
Through the good and the bad
Let that one stand with pride
The best that I ever had

Like the lion of Judah
Sneering at a leering lady
as she stares and squirms
At Wanda with her saintly smile
and living wig of worms
I like to watch their faces fall
the heart of a lion and like them flesh 
The storm breaks it through for the lion 
I find your 'and really ashes 
A city wex and 'by the fire 
Up in
From the album fairytale

Circus of Sour,
Holds shows every hour,
The lion is eating the bars, hey the bars.
I was erected,
The poor man is expected
so strong 
That they never can fall 
Four suns alight 
In silver grey sky 
Wild river flows 
With rage alive 
Lions of fire approach me
I ate a monkey breakfast
I eat a skunk for lunch
I living in the bush
I eat with my fingers
I don't use no knife or fork
cause I live in
new one form Tracy Chapman

My man Paris with a brand new album
Yossour N Dour, Black Uhuru, Living Color, Vinx, Foley
Chaka Kahn, Follow 4 Now, KRS One
their backs turning away
With wishes of good luck

They say I'll be okay
These times go by so fast
I'll never have them back
I know that life will
The east is red tonight, she's really gonna do it right
She bought a ticket on the midnight flight, that takes her home to you
She tried living in
the world this is what I call living as I ride in my car and I'm
Blinded by the lights that were on the quest
We're running off in the night
Got some
living on the fringe
this is my world
and i invited them in
they should try living 
by my rules for a day
nobody would die
there'd be lots
Where are you now darling Billy?

We won't be dancing together on the high wire
Facing the lions with you at my side anymore
We won't be breathing
Yo, wanna know something about my right arm?
I done flex so hard, I set off fire alarms
The fireplace's outta space with a lion's belt
Big jewels
our souls
We're still the young lions
So check it out
Getting' too drunk on Saturdays
Check it out
Playin' football with the kids
On Sundays
our souls we're still the young lions

So check it out
Gettin' too drunk on Saturdays
Check it out
Playin' football with the kids on Sundays
and locking up
We changed the lane, remained the bain
Little bit of joy with a lot of pain
Is he Snoop Lion or Doggy mayne?
Ask me again, I tell you the same
can't test because I'm protectes
With the Breastplate of Righteousness
And that's just how I'm living
to love
They might look for mine, the mind’s with them like and I work them with love
I’m elected and protected by the chief of staff
So make them get this
I don't really want to fall in love again
The laying of cold flowers offered by fate, your friend
(See) when your darling greets you with the tears
trembling with fury
Thy braking in my barenness
The destroyer of days
The silent lion 
We know him fury
The death of flesh
He moves with a creeping
of twelve who stood to speak their mind
The report was filed by ten
But the last two stood with quite a different spin
They said I don't agree with those who
the evening when the sun goes down
Over the hill, with a sense of wonder
Everything gonna be right on a Friday evening
All the cars go by all along down
Westsiding, living in a city where the skinny niggas die
And the semi bullets fly, but it turn me to a lion
Trying, and I mean that shit
Game came through, put
you nigga,
I got the 40/40 made by two jiggas,
I make you "Holla, Holla", I Ja Rule niggas!
The lion's in the room, what up Fat Joe?
I'm Curtis'
copped that first and second album
Word up, y'all real troops out there, yoaw

[9th Prince]
Aiyyoaw, my lions run through club Cheetah, with rusty heaters