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sounds cool; and works nicely with 'The Light'. It's been covered by a lot of people including Leon Russell and Concrete Blond, and I had actually never
(also covered in a *great* version by Joe Cocker
with Leon Russell and the Shelter People)

Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane,
I ain't got time
Yeah Renegades is back and the beat is sick,
Jay Z, Freeway, 8 Miles,
Let's go

8 miles and running, got my 7 album droppin',
And my 8 album
Bring that beat back
That's what's up

[verse 2]
Feedback from truly
Gotta think outta this
Box of hard knocks
Lined em up at fort knox
To die
Dj lord gimme that cut
Bring that beat back
That's whats up

Feedback from truly 
Gotta think outta this
Box of hard knocks
[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I was drivin' an Accord cart, nominated at awards
Back in the days drivin' an Accord
Run-uhhn-uuhhn-uhhn, nominated at awards
to the pen you go right to the jenz
When you put back to the streets you get right back in
Imagine Russell still struggling
No Def Jam it's another nigga
let me introduce myself my name is Mr. Russell Jones 
Excuse me for that one I had to let that one low ah
And tonight, you're going to see that you
great veteran live

(I, will, not, lose)
"God's son" across the belly, I prove you lost already
The king is back, where my crown at?
(I'll, will) Ill Will
a close casket, made a son a bastard
Got to stay strapped, put the Cru is comin back

Loungin with my Cru, above Meck and Harmony
Bringin like
of Leon
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Well, Busta Rhymes
Come on over here and let me talk to you son
See know Dolomite just got back from some shit
That you about
When you get out the pen, you go right to the jenz
So if you get back to the streets, you go right back in

Imagine Russell still strugglin'
No Def Jam,
I dropped outta high school askin where the money at
'Man, it's in the rap game' - now it ain't no get back
'Homie fuck that, where y'all from,
and the Son 

I want the whole world and my old girl back 

She left me for the postman, now she send me letters 

I got a bottle of Grand Monet, drinkin
this fetish for loose ladies and baby mommas

Some say it's bad karma, what you do, man, it come back on ya
Music got us up off them crack corners
I taught her
I flow by the mountain stream niggas is tap water
About to raincheck your style put your flow on back order
Break backs like Atwater
by Bin Laden
So September 11th marks the era forever
Of a revolutionary Jay Guevero

Now it's a whole museum of, Hov' MCers
Everybody dupin
Just point out the bounce
Yes, just point out the bounce nigga
Yo, listen

Rumor has it "The Blueprint" classic
Couldn't even be stopped by Bin
East O
But not from New York son
I get money like Suge, Master P, and Russell
And build up my franchise 'cause since the money is muscle
I fuck wit
wisdom's name is Fifi
EPMD put a record out, was dope
Tension spread, and I quote "Smack me and I smack you back"

Sounded like the answer to the "I
wicked, I didn't check the rhyme
'Cause Q-Tip couldn't kick it

And that punk Redman, I hit you with the back son
Talk is cheap, it's time time for some
no abortion, had a son
By the name of Seven
And he's five
By the time I do this mix, he'll probably be six
You do the arithmetic
Me do the language
the term
African American Express

Brains, power, and muscle, like Dame, Puffy, and Russell
Your boy back on his hustle, you know what I've been up
Those of you lackin, we will put you back in your slime
So you can think and get a grip of
Yourself by yourself, and then you'll get a sip of
A gift