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shoulder... ? Aw, you're fulla shit, man... ah, listen, by the way, before I go on; did you get those white albums I sent ya with the pencil on the front... ?
a worthy pool 
Of peers to be competed with
I see my shit with Son House and Syl Johnson
And always loose, I done lost face too 
But I'm sporting their
said it better than all, leave niggas on deaths door
Breathin off respirators for killin' my best boy, haters

On permanent hiatus as I escape
brings my name up constant
Your boys are like "she's fucking with dude, she wants son"
Homeboy, you better get a clue
She's on my dick cause I spit better
"listen, you (cough cough) listen, you communist son-of-a-bitch! 
You better get your ass down there for your fuckin' physical, 
Or I'll see to it that you
been through
You still think I shouldn't have no beef like a Hindu?
I listen and laugh at your CD with my crew
Sound like being a fake me is better than
'Cause Clarence 13 next had New York on lock

Gods on every block, jams in every park
I remember hearin' Kurtis Blow saying
"It can't get better than
Jesus, I ain't trying to be facetious, but
"Vengeance is mine" said the Lord
You said it better than all
Leave niggas on death's door, breathing
You fraudulent. Feminine. Fragile as a feather is 

With an effortless blow, I'll crack your whole skeleton 
You think you're better than Canibus,
with this rhyme I'll get a statue 

So now I ax you or tell you people literally 

When it comes to rockin' funky lyrics few are better than me
of the streets, er'body tryin to eat
The evidence is concrete, I'm tired of the same song
You take me how, you must be high off heroin
Sharper than I ever been,
"The Lord as my witness, Lord as my witness, there's not!
There's not a better MC than Rick motherfuckin' Ross, Lord as my witness
And when a nigga
baby, the nature of the business is unstable
Especially when your project ain't properly promoted by your label
E'ry album I put out gold or platinum,
been through
You still think I shouldn't have no beef like a Hindu?
I listen and laugh at your CD with my crew
Sound like being a fake me is better than
me extra strength like Excederin 
But this veteran is better in this profession when I'm editin 
Competitors  steppin to my direction but I'm two
down the microphone son, surrender, forfeit
Did I hear something 'bout a crew? What they wanna do?
You better call Mr. Babyface so he can bring out
the type to get suit-to-sike
I feel I'm better than ever before but as a rapper I'm just alright
Showing time is for clocks, knocking poppas
Pop pop ya
stand in line like a chorus 
Makin' these MC's our sons like Horus 
I'm always taking shots like a Japanese tourist, get the picture? 
Flyer than
can see the pain all in my eyes cause I don't cry much

Well, you missing more screws than me if you decide to try us
Cause you'd have better luck
em a plate

Why, why, why?
Why don't they like me?
Cause Nike gave lot of niggas checks
But I'm the only nigga ever to check Nike

Richer than
that I catch and I throw back
And by the way, give 50 Cent his flow back
You that cat in the club that get hit with a bottle
Fuckin' with me? You better
Tower..when I more than 

Shower..No baking soda, come back story - I devour...delete, 

Destroy - 

Prime time, by the hour - Grand Rapids -
ROUGH shit man, you know how we do!

Mic check, I walk around the streets with a black tech nine
by the waistline, kickin the hype shit
Pass the 40 and the blunt and don't front
on the block, cause when you do front, brothers are gettin stomped
I'm not a addict, more like Puff than
the rain I'll heat up
And ya'll can't stop my sunshine, fuck one-time
Got heavy wit gats to push your face back
Trash-ass album sound like you played it