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Crazy silly monsters
They think everything is great
Black and white not colour
Eight by ten, no bigger
Not tonight it ain't

You can try and put
Loyal fans and newfound followers
Whassup y'all? Hello how are you doin out there?
You're chillin I'm winnin
Oh by the way the album's out go get
me yet.
But still I can get by, and even smile.
So don't judge me by the colour of my skin;
My blood runs as deep as your runs red,
Which takes me
My only aim is to take many lives
The more the better I feel
My only pleasure is to hear many cries
From those tortured by my steel
The colour
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
The city streets are wet again with rain
But I'm walkin' just the same
Skies turn to the usual grey
When you turn to face the day
And love don't
Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, it's the best in this city

2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, boyz with da bass
Boyz with da bass, boyz
a river flows underneath this city
I'd like to go there with you now my pretty & follow it on for miles & miles, below other people's ordinary lives
By way to Overtown and look at this city
Open to Grove and the South Miami
Wedwood Highlear, look Eddie, look 'Bana
Some many ice P-Rhymes rich
to Florida City, Opa-Locka 
By way to Overtown and look at this city
Open to Grove and the South Miami
Wedwood Highlear, look Eddie, look 'Bana
Some many ice
first true love sayin' sure it's the end of pain 
As we touched the ground I felt so secure surrounded by the sky 
At the city fair we met an old woman

One of these streets
The city of dreams
Wakes anticipating
In the doorway I lean
On the corner of 44th & 9th
Ain't nothing to be seen

In this album there’s a picture
Of the ladies at Daniela’s
You can tell it’s from the eighties
By the volume of their hair
There’s Usnavi, just

While the one hit blunder rushes exhaust like city buses 

I bond, like resin cause for the sake of skill, lost and found 

Found by DNA
New York City, we piss in it, we live in it 
We die, we all take shits in it 

[Kool Keith] 
There's a million albums out there with that opera
the cities
As calçadas - the sidewalks
As mulecadas - the street kids
As esquinas - the street corners
Os buracos - the holes
Balas perdidas - lost
to come up mathematically
I did it for the city but now everybody mad at me
Motherfuck em all they sweat from my balls
If I drop another album I did that
album's hot and your album's not
I done been getting movie deals
I done been getting paid like Vinzel
I done been by ?
And five double o's
And 1 2's
You don't know how to say it by now, fuck you
Broadcastin' live, from Brooklyn, New York City
Yeah, turn this shit up
It's Quality music
You know
you hacked in?
I know we hate to live in the past-tense
It’s been weird since I went out west and did an album with No I.D.
And ain’t came back since
And the lust for the unknown 
And the second best that devils use
To make this world their own 
Interior Lulu 
Interior Lulu 

Every rainy day by e-mail
the cities, stay away from the towns
Stay away from the men pushin' the codine around
Stay away from the stores where the remedy is found
I will live a few days
damn well, we are some partying mothafuckas

Tired of these rappers, tired of these jackers
Tired of these dances by these fucking backpackers
poppin' so I'm stoppin' at the Fat Burger
Look through the paper it's another black crack murder
The city's full of surprises, you can live or you can die
a big ass bang
Them gangsta ass rhymes with that country ass twang
Dropped, "Tell Me Something Good" took off and went live
Shit, next thing you know we