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stick up childs dreaming for meals
Let my words guide you, get inside you
From crypts to pirals this is survival

Blood of a slave, heart of a king
Palisades of Gul-Kothoth)
(here recounted on the sixth Bal-Sagoth album; "The Chthonic Chronicles") 
Episode X: The Shadow-King Reborn
Episode XI:
is raised against their weapons of gleaming crystal,
And the virgin snow is rendered crimson by bloodshed in a searing storm of
say I gotta odd sense of humor, killer clown sittin' still by the window
Tough links in a crimson cape, sat there with my lipstick smudged
I got
Intro: DJ KaySlay]
Aiyyo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama King
And for those of y'all that don't know
I'm workin with a new artist, he goes by the name