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Kaizers Orchestra - Di Grind

Lyrics written by Janove Ottesen.

Ta denne ringen. Sett han på din fing
Kommer do til himmelen går do rett inn
men det går ikkje
Eg har en revolusjon i min pose
men det kommer an på et par små ting

From the album "Evig Pint",
released February 3rd, 2003.
by Dizzee Rascal 
Album : Showtime 

Marga Man: Yo, i dunno...marga man here. with the raskit; dizzee rascal. 
Yo, walkin through
Nananizzle, north east south west, whole of the country
I'm kinda famous, thanks poppsy
If you want food, stay around Dubsy
C's got the lend ting, trust me
sons grinnin
Mums gotta skits out, when she sees her new yard n kitchen
The C needs coachin
Put your'e album out, same day as us and we'll see who's
I'm going to keep an old brand going
Back then, everyting was steady
Lately, it's getting a bit edgy
Got a couple tings that I wanna try
the rain I'll heat up
And ya'll can't stop my sunshine, fuck one-time
Got heavy wit gats to push your face back
Trash-ass album sound like you played it
focus and self motivated
Results to women doing tings x rated
I'm mean you just got to keep control
I no a few stars that sold their soul
Even servicing
I grime daily
My lyric book's my baby
The crowd say I'm lazy
Man say they run this ting
But ain't done grime lately
Not for a while
I grime