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"Fellow Americans, it is with the utmost
shelved, I couldn’t keep mines on the shelf
He getting signed by God, that’s half the reason I’m on your block right now
Not in the physical I invaded
should reason with her before she gets mad
Or maybe my nigga you should slap that bitch
If not then you need to snatch that bitch
By the thought and let
enemies do, just like weed 223 reasons to bleed, yes indeed, I'm a ghetto boy, that's right everybody knows I'm a G, I'm what you niggas are supposed to be,
This is a public service announcement
Sponsored by Just Blaze and the good folks at Roc-A-Fella Records

"Fellow Americans, it is with the utmost
What a bloody mess its been 

Trying to end this struggle
But I love her, 
She's the reason for the lesions
Man I love her

I start bleeding when
it's only RIGHT for you to hate on me man
When I'm pushing 90 by myself up in the H.O.B. lane
They trying to figure how many mo' women that I can take
fast so I had to blow
And I walked by faith,not by sight
Cause I know G-O-D will guide me right
I take the bitter with the sweet,I know you feel my
think filled up the room
You are now the reason that I fight
I ain't never did nothing thats right in my whole life
Got me thinking

Am I worthy
album, what you hate me?
Said I was your dog
Said I was your nigga that let you see it all through the fog
Said I was your mans and them
reason why you shouldn't have success, right?

Forty acres and a Muller
I spent my reparations on the jeweler
I bought a timepiece, now ain't no
of the phone
I appear from the rear, stayin' from clear
Nobody can say if I'm here so they play it by ear
But here's the way I lay the idea
From this point
the street with two dead beat 
that don't treat her right with two bad ass kids
Guilt and Regret
and I'm willing to bet 
my last album (that?) she's
Of A Woman by AGNETHA FALTSKOG from the album Eyes Of A Woman at LyricsAndSongs.COM 

I gave her all the reasons for being in despair 
She said that
apparently for some reason he just ain't happenin'
I call this brother mr. pitiful
I wanna tell you somethin' about him, check it out

The story begins in
baby, the nature of the business is unstable
Especially when your project ain't properly promoted by your label
E'ry album I put out gold or platinum,
with da bass
Boyz with da bass, boyz with da bass
2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, you better know it

That's right y'all, you heard it 'cause
Cause mad shit ain't right, like punks in the spotlight
Who can't freestyle, sometimes I make my peeps smile
By sayin' somethin' crazy wild
schemin' for Tiffany hoops {Ha!)
Yeah, her right there, Dominicans is doin' her hair
The jewels and gear, it's all there, fully equipped

Body sick, she
thicker than the Old Testament
Niggas pay for head but the pussy sold separate
Same bitch giving brains to the minister
The same reason they call Mr. Cee
a thousand
Different homes, different islands)
Dropped my mixtape and it sold like an album
Reason why I'm going big bitch, suck my dick
Yeah I'm going big
Yo yo yo
Right about now your mind is mine and my mind is yours
If you down for the cause that I'm kickin' in effect is effective music
Let it
to see this nigga everyday up at the school 
I mean dude was cool type of fool 
who always said what he meant 
You could peep him at lunch
Freestylin by
Yeah be the realest shit I never wrote
I ain't write this shit by the way nigga
Some real shit right here nigga
This will be the realest shit you
Empty the shells if niggas give you the reason
Never was the type to be stuck and duckin' and weavin
By the grievin'
My story's no fairy tale, reach