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to heaven in a Porsche 911
Buried in my car, I'm surrounded by a harem
Surrounded by my brethren, my funeral is legend
Buried like a Pharaoh with my jewelry
Spice got theirs I want mines G
Still got love for my folks
Lil' Ric, E-A-Ski, and Sonya see
Big Worm, Young Ric, be	-Boy, Mac Spoon, my whole click
It's the return, East Atlanta, Santa!

Off the wall, off the chain
Off the top, I'm off the leash
So many freaks coming by the spot
Had to move,
That we both oughta know by heart

We were right there and now it seems so tragic
No happy ending, now this whole thing seems so drastic
You asked me
And in the 5 Lil Ric and D-Boy
see-Murder doing time in the county jail
It been two weeks but it feel like 3 years
For some player hating snitching
get pressed
You getting fucked by your contract what the fine print says
Told you once I told you twice, I get the Lamb it's over rice
I whip the Lamb
I middle-man it for 23, just meet me somewhere around Baltimore
(Woo!) That's rare nigga, (Woo!) Ric Flair nigga
(Woo!) The power's in my hair
dawg, my dress code is golden, what?

Yeah, yeah
Hey yo, the team is official, son
We got some double L athletes

Right, it's the Horsemen
Goin Jeff Jarrett on um I just broke my damn guitar
C-Hubb went woooooo - Ric Flair, the powers in his hair
Not Pusher T but like booker T
When I’m
the crowd bleed for these kids from P-Town.

Yo, I feel trapped like there's no way out,
Stuck in a rut goin in circles round and round,
No one
suck 'em dry
Before you know it her Q7 is buzzing by
The queen pin to the king pin redeems him
The boat comes, the dope drums, my team wins
Yughck! This
you're on
Get it ricky ric' -- what's wrong? my weed gone!
Who stole it? -- I don't know, y'all motherfuckers tell me
I broke it up and left the room
Fraud niggas, y'all niggas, that's that shit I don't like
Your shit make believe, rapping 'bout my own life
(Woo!) That's rare nigga, (Woo!) Ric
that shot at me
I think I`ll probably, ride by and let `em sample the varieties,
My hollow ain`t easy to swallow,
Like them five dollar bottles,