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The stage becomes a catacomb, I rap like a mummy
Not for the money, I could have sampled Diana Ross a long time ago
My mind of flow is like motor
went about all the wrong way
She still hangin in bars, being Diana Ross
Friday and Saturday jumping back and forth in niggas cars
Now I fill wid King
to stae 
By the way, guess who made his license plates 
Thought I was finished, down, going through the blues 
Here's a hundred dollars, go buy some new
your bandana looking like Diana Ross
From me G Rap, yo, truly yours

(Hey yo, finish dissing that girl, man)

Yo, do me a favor, and pick up a pen
his penicillin

See I'm a addict takin' drugs, that give me quite a thrill
Diana Ross and lady's sing the blues got me poppin' pills
But it get worse,
a smile
Listen while you hear it
There's no pink in my slip
I reckon that the rhythm and the blues in the rap got me red
While the boys from Tommy plant
rollin', nowhere to be found
Diana Ross  slammin "Upside Down"
The bass and treble at the perfect level, the way we choose it
Noddin' to the music, yeah,
hear that name and place a trigger to the figure who
It blew through and if ya try ta rip, I throw a bigger blue shoe to you
And if you take the shoe,