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You always keep me coming back for more
So many faces in the world but I want yours
The way you make me feel inside my bones
I can't remember how
That old Cadillac transformed to a Lotus


When ya new album drop everybody ya friend
Niggas actin' like they down but I know they
This is Minister Metal Foot, treat a pedal like an earwig
And cook off by applyin' the same logic to the gearshift
Bird off prey circle, serf homes
and let your conscience be free
And get down, stomping grounds is the LBC
I slid up out the game and MC's get wacked
But now I'm back (Oh shit!), so go
It's the zoo and the Pound we don't fuck around

Relax your mind and let your conscience be free
and get down, stompin' grounds is the LBC
chains I could spot biters for acres
Now be gracious, these minstools turn a bully's psycho civil
By dissolving the candy coated image down to the pixels
wrong or right, a lot of people fight
But I'm here to bless this mic, aight?

I take action the minute that the crowd gets hype
I'm type crashin', down
Then after that she gon` jump my bone 

Gettin tweeded up in the club niggas in the parking lot 
Sasquatch pipmin bitches from different cities
dance with the devil for the hell of it
Burning down your lavish landscape on digital tape
'Cause everything you rhymin' about is actually fake
So make
One time
Huhh, all up in ya like a bone when I
Johnny Blaze, the Iron Lung
Foxy Brown, the ill na na (yeah, see'mon, yeah, see'mon)
Artist: Flesh-N-Bone f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album: T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)
Song: No Mercy

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, real
like a bitch, get smacked by your pimp 
Your steelo's undercover, corny on the real brother 
Keep that mop down, just like your album sound 
You flop,
all night long
See man O'g'in of the needle and the needle and the bone
One mornin use to come and smell mingin
The weather was always fucked my line
come because for that liquor I'll be charging
And take down these directions
It's right past the intersection
Make a right at the light
You ready to do this, nigga?
You ready to come down here?
It's Virginia, nigga...
We do this in broad daylight...
It's a whole different
Hey, I battle any day
And any hour, any minute, any second
And any album, any single, any record
Cause what I'm sayin is this: I rock you anytime
I make
The highest professorship, my English etiquette
Compels me to not say it if I can't spell it bitch
My circularised 3rd Eye, sees all
Atlantis was surrounded by
duck Muh-Fucker
Watch you standing on? (Nada) What you claim to bone? (Nada)
What you plan to own? (Nada) That shit done came and gone
Blood sweat
off some the time, take you down one at a time 
I'm be known for fucking over your whole album 
Who want my rhyme? 
Keep declining, I'm keep climbing
Outcasted to the shadows 'cause you don't look right
Hypnotized by the eyes from the average muthafucka
Chrome to his dome, if he cries, he's a busta
Reloaded' and Neo's back
I'm up humble apologies sorry clowns
I'm here for the long run I ain't coffee brown

Get to know me the man the person
So by the time
Coffee Brown
Get to know me, the man, the person
So by the time I'm on my fifth album
You should understand the first one
It's non-fiction, you deny you
Down to the bone panel
While you lay frail in the enamel
Under you nails in the scuffle
You scratched some DNA samples that match
The blood on your
not last

A cool brother by the name of Gas

These brothers made you get loose

They was down with a brother called Cousin Bruce

They used
[Thirstin Howl III] 

I'm accustomed to abiding by freestyle penal code 
My rhymes are like long drives going down a scenic road 
Taught discipline