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cause the Kane said so
This is the dance floor groove of the album
Presented to you all live from Calvin
Whoops! I meant to say Mister Cee
The disc
you girl I'm nothin'

Yo, yo everybody's on the floor, I can see your hands up
From the stage to the door, Calvin Harris on the decks
it seriously or you can think it's funny

By '87, I was on my own, started Dangerous Music
And I made the song "These are the tales, the freaky tales"
Fuck McDonald's and fuck Calvin
I get money with Erick Sermon when I'm in New York
I get respect, they call me Too Short
I live swell in A.T.L.
[Verse 1:] 
Yeah I run rings around your crew like a track star 
So stay back far 
You better understand who the macks are 
A brand new invention
they been told
Their rhymes used to be worth something like Mr. T`s gold
Now I`m in, so watch me Kline like Calvin
I`m the Dread Man, you fucked up by
your mind..bitches rockin Calvin 

Klein..confined to watchin rewinds of Martin on channel 9... where 


Blind lead the blind  destination
Recording of this album!
I got it with this gift certificate I won at the save
The sea turtles marathon run dude!
Check it out! I wrote all of the lyrics
shots from clocktowers 

Play ring around the dead nation 

The Deadhead situation, situated to see-saw creation 

MC's are helpless like Gadzook
an understatement, I'm Satan
Canibus is amazing, I don't know what the fuck Germain is
I just know that both of y'all are trying my patience
I don't give a fuck about