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you girl I'm nothin'

Yo, yo everybody's on the floor, I can see your hands up
From the stage to the door, Calvin Harris on the decks
cause the Kane said so
This is the dance floor groove of the album
Presented to you all live from Calvin
Whoops! I meant to say Mister Cee
The disc
it seriously or you can think it's funny

By '87, I was on my own, started Dangerous Music
And I made the song "These are the tales, the freaky tales"
Fuck McDonald's and fuck Calvin
I get money with Erick Sermon when I'm in New York
I get respect, they call me Too Short
I live swell in A.T.L.
[Verse 1:] 
Yeah I run rings around your crew like a track star 
So stay back far 
You better understand who the macks are 
A brand new invention
they been told
Their rhymes used to be worth something like Mr. T`s gold
Now I`m in, so watch me Kline like Calvin
I`m the Dread Man, you fucked up by
your mind..bitches rockin Calvin 

Klein..confined to watchin rewinds of Martin on channel 9... where 


Blind lead the blind  destination
Recording of this album!
I got it with this gift certificate I won at the save
The sea turtles marathon run dude!
Check it out! I wrote all of the lyrics
shots from clocktowers 

Play ring around the dead nation 

The Deadhead situation, situated to see-saw creation 

MC's are helpless like Gadzook
an understatement, I'm Satan
Canibus is amazing, I don't know what the fuck Germain is
I just know that both of y'all are trying my patience
I don't give a fuck about