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so tired
Music is supposed to inspire
How come we ain't gettin no higher?

I know you think that you've got it all
And by making other people feel
this is real life to die youngs a honor, you get old you live twice, take my advice they got shooters in them hills y'all, run up over them bushes, watch
am just so excited for this album
I think this album is definitely your baby
And it’s definitely gonna be heard by a lot of people
And a lot of people
The hammer don't hurt 'em days are over
These are the days of the payback, payback
I'm up on the hill lookin' down
Biggidy phat rap track number one pound for
Piece by piece, this puzzle comes together
Sever your ties with the bad guys, let the lies go
If you wanna be a hoe, go 'head and don't be scared
to get popped by a cop? 

Who the next n**** in the hood to get shot? 
I hope it ain't me, so I'm strapped up in bulletproof 
N**** on my stomach see -
funny when I come around
A&R been tryin to figure me out for years
Tryin to re-duplicate me but they can't so they hate me
While white boys run
you want to be, 
You're gonna have to learn pimpology.
Pimpology, a pimp's profession.
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want to be giant sized,
Come to my school.  Get pimp-matized.
In your school, what do they
All platinum, no good
Every album, million sold
See-m-are will never fold (soooo serious)

(Mack 10)
Gotta bentley coup & 2 range
& my new spotter
this bar!

By two o'clock, when the bars are already closed down, BILLY had broken 'THE BIG NEWS' to ETHELL. And with dust and boulders everywhere,
me over the hill
It's probably cause you saw me chillin' beside a pile of paper
Life's a Picasso painting, psyche, my life's more like an obstacle,