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times four equals sixteen tracks
Divided by two
Which is half of four
Equals OU818
Ah shit
Yo Trey, where's the goddammed drum machine?

Ah damn, I
what I'm applyin'
No relyin' on the next man, roar like a lion
Flexin', plexin' ultra, the Bronx is my culture
Strikin' hard like a vulture
Now, the end is near (Can you believe this shit Guru?)
So I face (I'm from the hood man) the final curtain
(No the real hood the hood, not the RAP
by their roots
All the roots live underground, water down me no salute!
They pimping the culture, the same vulture who stole ya agriculture
My vocab is
and tongue of Malcolm
Tellin' my publicist, fuck this government
Go 'head and make my album, this is the judgment
Vacate the island, billions will start
J'peux pas t'laisser sans être sûr qu't'aies totalement compris man
J'peux pas t'laisser écouter cet album puis t'voir encore au même stade bro
still ridin' beach cruisers
Dude, I see through you, 'cause you're plastic
Bring the beef to you, put the heat to your vlastic
Fuck the last album, this