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Harry and Joe move south with their wives
Enjoying the golden years of their lives
But life doesn't
*taken from the album entitled "The Fine Art Of Surfacing"
*Written by Bob Geldof
blanche, de la marron
J'ai levé mon majeur en l'air, je parle pas d'aduls dans un avion
Nouveau Monde, sixième album frèro, j'ai pas le temps de pioncer
(Ain't no lockin' up)
Shake less of that Catholic cool
Push panic, the button, and freeze
A's for Amen, J's for the Jenifa
Oh Jennys, oh please
j'attendais que quelqu'un m'téléphone
On m'avait dit "t'es mort" pourtant l'album est dans les stores, maintenant le score les étonne
Le soutien était rare
nos crayons
Mon album est une essence, ils m'ont pas cru, c'était blessant
J'ai pris mes larmes j'ai pris mes doutes, j'ai pris l'temps d'en faire de
the ones from the city and the boys from Pac-Jam
Handsome Harry, you know the brother was strong
He ain't dared any man to get him wrong
L.A. Jay, this
Cursed in converses, dead in Pro Keds
Now every Tom, Dick, Harry or Joe Smith
Skip the spauldings, pony's, and k-swiss
High school and college
By Harry Nilsson A.S.C.A.P and Richard Starkey M.B.E.

from heaven on your heart
Through their singing. As an artist, Rhonda Montgomery
Exemplifies piano artistry. That's Rhonda! An artist!

This album
the G.O.A.T. I just ball a lot (L)
And (Cool J) I'm double platinum on the hot blocks and
(L) the hottest nigga in the whole spot (L)
And (Cool J) you see my
by Jacques Higelin
Album: Alertez les bébés
Rien, je ne veux rien
Ni savoir qui tu es ni d'où tu viens
Rien, je n'attends rien du tout
Et si tu
I been stayin' outta trouble, shit I bin on the couch
You were workin' on the album, I was listenin' now

Then Doug called, "Ay you spoke to J
claimin' J just keep calling the heat
Is it an emergency or something you need to talk to me?

J said, "I thought you needed to talk to me
If it's
cry no more
Wonders what his heart is beating for
Says he takes it much too hard
Give my regards to B.J.

In a fit of rage he tore down all her
to the tenement
It's LL Cool J nigga, everything I do is excellent
And I got to represent, Q-Boro, the thorough
Ya know what I mean? We get down, we get down
J'peux pas t'laisser sans être sûr qu't'aies totalement compris man
J'peux pas t'laisser écouter cet album puis t'voir encore au même stade bro
to build a special runway just to get him down.
Before the Chieftains could start to play,
Seven creamy pints came out on a tray.
Shergar was ridden by
that's how it stay,
Her songs still better than anything out there the the hotter power play
Remember, how they accused her saying she did an album
that NY pigs do 
We miss you, Harry and Sonia 
Rest in peace to Marty, a 41st side of Vernon soldier 
T.J. Black better known as Killer 
I can't
Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen
Sucka', motherfucka'

J'rappe comme ça me chante, je chante comme ça me rappe
Inspiré par le beau
[P. Wagner, J. Schroeder/P. Wagner]

[This is a fun-version with new words of an very old song from Avenger, the band that became Rage in late '85.
Well it was a techno D-day out on Omaha beach 
I was a reserve D.J. playing Colombian mountain beats 
Andres Landero, ay mi sombrero 
Hold onto
62 in 1959
-Words and Music by J. Leslie McFarland and Aaron H. Schroeder

They did the Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango
They did the Wang Dang
D.J. Doc you know he's down with us
D-Square, he's down with us
Keyboard Money Mike, is down with us
I.C.U., you know he's down with us