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The Very Best of John Denver (Single CD) and The John Denver Collection - Rocky Mountain High albums.

Raven's child
Is chasing salvation
Black beak turned
piano, Fred Williams - drums
Chicago May 17, 1940
Album: 'Sugar Mama'
The Essential Recordings of Sonny Boy Williamson
Indigo Recording Ltd IGOCD 2014
[Verse 1:]
January 28, 1968
Born into this world as William Griffin The Great
Chapter 1, Wyandanch Long Island
Scientific rhymin' invented a new sound
at the SeaTac Hilton?
I'll guarantee ev'ry word's the Gospel truth
Got witnesses ta prove it, too,
'Cause we all toured with a fella by the name a' Milton

got no
Evidence (There's no proof without the)
Evidence (Who wants truth without the)
Evidence, evidence

Yeah, my first album only had underground
for jumping off stage
But I ain't care, cause this game has started to open it's arms
When I was at Banneker High School pulling fire alarms
So I could
an evil plan written by the Illuminati
Long before Adolf Hitler ever changed his name to Liberace
The details are spotty about him and John Gotti