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And the track record, I'm all about plaques
Shakin' my ass half naked, lovin' this life
Waitin' for Kim album to drop, knowin' it's tight
Standin' center
for the young yacht owner
See there's everybody else then there's one top loner
First place is often the worst place
But fuck it I love it here I
by their roots
All the roots live underground, water down me no salute!
They pimping the culture, the same vulture who stole ya agriculture
My vocab is
double M fees
We in every hood, nigga, government cheese
Yachts and Yacht Masters, Old Dirty Bastard
Floor seat for the Heat paper that I'm stackin'
is equivalent to me
I break down the beat, like I break down my weed
I skate down my street, with my K by my feet
To make it in my hood, you gotta
and zucchini
With your broad in Tahiti, spaghetti string bikini
I don't spit on tracks, I throw up on 'em like bulimic
Pardon, my 'High Tymes' album a problem
broad in Tahiti, big ass green bikini
I don't spit on tracks, I throw up on em like bulimic
Pardon, my High Tyme album a problem

Wait! Fuck that bitch