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by Bin Laden
So September 11th marks the era forever
Of a revolutionary Jay Guevero

Now it's a whole museum of, Hov' MCers
Everybody dupin
you the motherfucker
Then you some motherfucker, again fuck all you suckas
My first album went gold wit nobody but me on it
One of the first gangsta
of Ft. Meyers
I got principles nigga that's what I live by
I ain't got rap feature and I'm still alive
Not 1 my 3 album is you surprised worth my
baby, the nature of the business is unstable
Especially when your project ain't properly promoted by your label
E'ry album I put out gold or platinum,
was thirteen and good we had a hotter date
It was just a number she never told she was knocked up
By the end of the summer chick almost had me locked
a real nigga out of Ft.Myers 
I got principles nigga dats what I live by
Ain't had rap feature and I'm still alive 
Not 1 my 3rd album, is you surprised?
hundred acres like I'm triple platinum

Triple platinum without an album sale
Three million grams, I left a powder trail
All gold Rollie, face like
first album, it shipped gold
That's a insult, considering I did this one in Kinko's
I'm dying to see what this will sold
Will the critics diss it at all,
Take off ya clothes to go gold, sell ya soul to live lavish

[Verse One]
It seems every man want to be a pop star
It's obvious to me that you forgot who
went from cheddar to cheese from powder to cooked rocks 
From the ghetto to the lakes 
(to the lakes 3rd ward, Caliope) 
Slangin' thangs in the hood
and mc?s roll
But the albums they make never go gold
When I was young, I knew I?d be one of the best
Every time I made a song it came out so fresh
I was
and MC's roll
But the albums they make never go gold
When I was young, I knew I'd be one of the best
Every time I made a song it came out so fresh
I was
really cares he died on dope dealers
But that don't mean shit, cause a nigga like me pack a 9 and 3 clips
And I don't trust a soul from them nigga by my
And I can go show off my rocket powered solid gold Benz
I tell ya life is no much nicer with invisible friends
"Record an all-banjo Falco tribute album
Say I won't go drop a double album, and rap double time on all dub-step
Got no producers, just me rockin' over beatboxin' by Dougie Fresh
Say I won't
with me 

My debut album it's all prophecy 

No predictions in my knack can't mock me 

Got to hear this at least two times then you can copy
Start a lawsuit, I'll kill your lawyers 
Fuck the soft shit and fuck what y'all think 

My album's gold cause my album was the bomb, shit
Diamonds and scrilla
But forget to say
Made my album a killer
Plan be	
Now 2-3 droppin'
And I wish to
Ask for forgiveness
Your guidance
they been told
Their rhymes used to be worth something like Mr. T`s gold
Now I`m in, so watch me Kline like Calvin
I`m the Dread Man, you fucked up by
and radio and poster hype

Now that 3,000 people lost their jobs, I'm a see how your record do
But you're stuttering out your boo boo, can't give a decent
So many questions. So what man? You hangin with El? You signed to Def Jux? 
How much you get for your advance man?

[Verse 3: MURS]
Off this album
went bankrupt, album went gold quietly
Got out our contracts, happily free
Now it's D3, 2 On The Road and GG'z
We ain't regular M.C.'s, we prophet
Hip over the phone, he's like "oh, yo that s*** is crazy
Jay might want it for this compilation album he doin, called The Dynasty."
And at that time,
neck look like a gold chain on her

[Chorus: 2x]

[Verse 3:(Yukmouth&Numskull)]
Back in '88 a nigga was staright all in the car case
under the mats, cracked wrapped in plastic
Triple beam, be	-12, and seran wrap, money rubberband wrapped
Second album goes gold they can't stand that