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York City's mixtape circuit. He's already in the studio working on his upcoming album with tracks produced by Dr. Dre, Shaw Money, and Eminem himself.
thing I knew, I was listening to an album called 'freak out!' by the mothers of invention. I became very interested in their concept of music, their
(here in london where the rain is pouring down)
I wish you were here
(on this airplane headed back to new york town)
I'll never leave you alone again
New York City, we piss in it, we live in it 
We die, we all take shits in it 

[Kool Keith] 
There's a million albums out there with that opera
a thing of the past
Plus I'm the new phenomenon like white women with ass
And y'all praying that I flop? Blow it out ya ass!
In New York I buy clothing, in
The following previews have been approved for all audiences
By the Committee For Audiovisual Sound

On the mean streets of New York, everyone has
Kenny Parker on the 


[Special K] 

Yes yes I'm Special K 

On New York's Two show on WBDP 

This is the brand new one by KRS-One
'Cause Clarence 13 next had New York on lock

Gods on every block, jams in every park
I remember hearin' Kurtis Blow saying
"It can't get better than
You don't know how to say it by now, fuck you
Broadcastin' live, from Brooklyn, New York City
Yeah, turn this shit up
It's Quality music
You know
a gritty fiend for, 
Money, power, respect, get it by any means uh,
New Yorker, slick talker, walk like a brick flipper,
Decimal doctor, multiply to get
and macoroni niggas ? impostors
So on a trip to New York on some biz wax
I get invited to a club where emcees at
And on stage is a singer with some thing on her
In today's music news: the ever-controversial 2Pac Shakur
Has just released another album under the alias "Makaveli"
Music insiders are running
off like Richard Gere 
I'm so fantastic, your metal fist is still plastic 
Compelled with no threats, your rhymes bounce off my shield 
New York
the di-rector's cut
And niggaz throw your T.S.'s up {BEAT NOVACANE!}

[Fat Joe]
Go figure it, Joe Crack runnin New York
Who woulda thunk it, God above and Pun
soldier shit
Keep on servin' 'em, 'cause you know we do work
Mashin'' in my Chevy down the streets of New York, they feel me
I smooth grip, and hit up
and forget the bastard for moving backwards
New York's number one draft pick

I'm a hustler, not by choice (4x)

All this nigga know is, get money
the di-rector's cut
And niggaz throw your T.S.'s up {BEAT NOVACANE!}

[Fat Joe]
Go figure it, Joe Crack runnin New York
Who woulda thunk it, God above and Pun

He's goin' back to new york pack it up and let everyone know
It was something that he should have done such a long time ago
Still time to start
[Intro: Baby Touch]
Warnin, the surgeon general of Brooklyn, New York
Has determined that the sounds you're about to hear
Can be devastating
Suge Shot Me
In today's music news: the ever controversial Tupac Shakur has
Just released another album under the alias Makaveli.
Music insiders are
other New York rappers
Jay-Z of Hawaiian Soapy fame, Big Little whatever

And several other corny sounding motherf***ers
are understandably shaken up by
know it’s all year right? Hah!
I'm sitting here in the middle of New York City,
The night before I gotta turn my second album in, higher than
Some said it wouldn't work, some said it wouldn't last
In New York, they say that the tempo's too fast
You disregarded, but the albums got charted
We put
I don't walk, I stalk, living foul like pork
Shutting down underground streets of New York
Hawk is what the niggas call me, 'cause they all be
niggas talk
Plus you know how shit flow in New York
Walls have ears, buildings heard
Supposed to be shh but spill the word

Everywhere that