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Last week, uh, in Nashville, Bob Dylan, one of the top writers
Well, I don't need to tell you who Bob Dylan is
The greatest writer of our time was
[Originally by Bob Dylan]

Go away from my window
Leave at your own chosen speed
I'm not the one you want babe
I'm not the one you need

You say
until I touched your body
Imagine a world without John Lennon, the rain and the wind without Bob Dylan
Blue without Joni, blue without Miles
But every
Don't Mistreat Your Woman Trk 4 2:30
Robert Lee McCoy (aka Ramblin' Bob & Robert Nighthawk)
(Robert McCoy)
Recorded: Aurora, Illinois - Leland Hotel
*lyrics written by Bob Geldof
*music arranged by The Boomtown Rats
*taken from The Boomtown Rats debut album
*written by Bob Geldof
*music arranged by The Boomtown Rats
wrong or right, a lot of people fight
But I'm here to bless this mic, aight?

I take action the minute that the crowd gets hype
I'm type crashin', down
This country has been surprised by the way the world looks now.  They don't know if they want to be Matt Dillon or Bob Dylan.  They don't know if they
93'Zoo écusson, héritage des rues sombres
Dans la cave un uzi bébé m'fais surtout pas d'suçons
Possédé par Biggie, Bob Marley, Alain Souchon
you ready?

I wanna take you way back
To when a girl on a mike?s worth
Wasn't determined by the length of her skirt
I mean way back to creativity before