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and guns
Spray guns, life results with you often times

[Tech N9ne]
Just sprayed by the Tech N9ne hand gun
Now I'm on the outrun
Flowin up
Rhyme Syndicate, a storm incubating 
The Syndicate's stronger day by day
12-gauge leave suckers brutally
Layin' in the concrete, kick ya face

Now it's a must that I can bust, from the shots from my 12 gauge
Dust to get you high blown in the meanwhile my profile
Of my styles unusual
after dark (Murda) (Murda) Killin It just don't stop (Homocidal) The 12 gauge left you up and down But another victim called the D-E-A-D Listen to that
mort, c'est l'album de ma vie
J'suis rentré dans ta tèss, y avait pas tant d'cadors
Les pules-cra vendent la mort, j'm'en fous d'tes ventes balourd