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(Lee Majors 2nd verse) 

my crew line up like picket fences 


no remorses 

we squaring off on the oval office 

shacked up
When my album releases, come on
Takin it back like Lee's wit the creases
Knockin this shit out that park into the bleaches
Grand slammin it,
and my man Rick got millions of gold albums
(That's a lie) I'm gettin' cold money every day
(You're a liar)
You'll need a wheel barrow for all that shit in
and lay down
Slamming hard passing by the schools and the playgrounds
Everybody knows when Short's in town
Cause i keep the beats thumping hella-hard
album went six thousand on niggas
In Kansas City alone, we packed the dome with Mike and Liddy alone
In the west side, Lee Jone, Milly Mal, I left you
like a nineteens tutorial
I was there, real fronts, no hype beats
High-wheeling and Spike Lee when I'm writing
I spit out of vengeance spontaneously
I heard your style and I beat you nigga
Your whole album I sleep through nigga
'cause 'Te's an avalanche so call an ambulance
And tell 'em to pick
somebody to represent
Mia-x, unlady like, realest female you ever heard
Produced by the beats by the pound, the realest label you ever heard
Y'all know we
they gon tell you for if you don't already know 
huh nigga that's all on you to be on top of yearn 
But by the time they finish fuckin you, bitch you
bumps, tryin to rap on beat
I cut your fog lamp down like meat, cut, by the pound
Heather B, step to me, with your thin sound
Twist your knobs, your
didn't ask to be
But right then hip-hop changed drastically
People didn't want to hear the old rap sound
We started samplin' beats by James Brown
Don't change clothes change the cd
Murphy Lee what the hook gonna be
Cause you do need a hook and another beat
Jermaine Dupree, you know you wrong
say "Fuck him!" for doing the tracks
Matter of fact, fuck Fat Beats, for doing the wax
I'ma diss you via e-mail and then through a fax
I'ma diss you by