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and make me play the album 

I'm out to rule the world 

while you talk about your silly glasses 

half-ass rappers can't match this 

the shit I
My momma knew I was (was)
Everything I knew I was, I was destined for greatness
I knew I would be rescued by greatness (uh huh)
My first album
Yo, I bought that album man, it's wack man
I'm tellin you, I don't like it
I'ma be honest man
I'm dead up, I'm serious
I don't
and download every rhyme that I spit
You could pay homage to Rip for one dollar a clip
None of those rhymes is on the album bitch
It's a storage facility where I
One goes through this rhyme that you
He made up his mind
That every little thing he does
Be designed to entertain you (yeah)
Ooh (yeah), his
they gon tell you for if you don't already know 
huh nigga that's all on you to be on top of yearn 
But by the time they finish fuckin you, bitch you
One goes through this rhyme that you
He made up his mind
That every little thing he does
Be designed to entertain you (yeah)
Oh (yeah), his whole
Killa what's really good my nigga
Un casa what's really good
What's really good flee
Yo, what's really good
I got ta get on this album
I just
on this album I just signed ta Diplomat yesterday
What's really good
(I mean, I mean the album is done I mean
You know you on the next joint you on my
motherfucker, finished you scared admit it
Your new album, shit

So realize with your two eyes that my rhyme hypnotize
Just like Jim Jones bapnitized his
her go
Cause she ain't worth my time
And before I get off into another rhyme
I'ma bring this verse to a climax, grab the axe
Open the door, clear
of you needing further reference
You may, purchase the Redman album, the first one
Listen to the song "How to Roll a Blunt"
But until then, you shall
(Spoken by the Gangsta)
Hmmph! A dedication to all them homeboys a
Nd all them homegirls out there that done passed away
Dirty boys dedicate this