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knowledge of self 

giving love to a few 

hated by everyone else 

coz up on the earth it's kind of hard to maintain 

we 'bout to take over this
out the devil and this styles that I sever-
Al Quest with the Questers, a Quest on a solo
Booming in a Benzo, Beamer or a Bronco
Boom pack a boom
Eure Melancholie zieht vielleicht bei Mädels
Aber nicht bei mir, man
Tausend Rapper mit beschissener Beatwahl
Wieso fragt ihr nach files by Bennett?
(Spoken by the Gangsta)
Hmmph! A dedication to all them homeboys a
Nd all them homegirls out there that done passed away
Dirty boys dedicate this
Recording of this album!
I got it with this gift certificate I won at the save
The sea turtles marathon run dude!
Check it out! I wrote all of the lyrics