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crawl and hit rock 'n' roller
I'm caught in the swinging, hear no ties by the Pendulum
Just ???, so this is how I'm killing them
K is on the M.P., Jazz is
on the mix and now the Lords have a hit like POW
Now it's time to get buckwild
And watch my funky brothers freak the underground
In a second, or minute, in
First rap album I owned had ‘Dope Feen Beat'
In the grade school, had a fool suspended for a week
I called my teacher bitch, principal a bitch
Eyes wide shut but they know
Buried alive by the lies in their soul
Their stride of a blind man's stroll
Well for whom does the next bell toll
Mobbin on the S T A G E 
Doper then a joint a that D A N K 
Got more soul then Koonta Kinte 
Young playa', down for the mail 
Even bustin'