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based, was "rescued" from its "miserable" life style by welfare in the late sixties. The Polar Eskimo has been relocated entirely into government housing,
to each one suckered in or rather lured by each lyric 

contoured to thee com-plexity of "n-o-va-shun" I,"nn-o-v-a-shun" 

bi-coastal vernacular enables
funky style)

(Funky child) (Funky funky style)

Well um, back up baby, here come the schooler
We're hit when we dry crawl and hit rock 'n' roller
punks what the business is,
As if I'm a let you n****s style on me,
As if,
Now everybody senile on me,
Throwbacks I threw 'em back
Remember those
lorsqu'il se masturbe il utilise ses 2 mains
Il n'a pas peur du lendemain
Son nom c'est Léguman
Et dès qu'il aperçoit un végétarien, il lui éclate le crâne
You punk muthaf***as
The s*** n****
Killuminati Style
Makaveli the Don
Solo s***

Bring It

Allow me to introduce first
Makaveli the Don

	(Funky child) (Funky funky style)  (Scratched by Lord Jazz 6x)

Well um, back up baby, here come the schooler
We're hit when we dry
Hah  giddyap! 
Ha ha ha hah.. 
Another dope dope dope style 
By the massive BDP crew 
Of course  I will now present to you 
A different view
for Guns 'n' Roses 
Yeah! C'mon! 
Throw your hands in the sky 
And wave em from side to side 
And if you're in this life just gettin by 
can't fuck wit I
I make a million by June I'm sayin fuck July
N I beg you to try me while I'm holdin a tommie
Ima have you're body all ova the lobby
Tu pensais que j’étais fini, tu vas te faire défigurer
Au sens propre comme au sens figuré
Je fais mon entrée dans la cage surentraîné
her bags pack her bags left 

Your style is A, be	, see-D 

E-F, G-H, I-J-K, L-M-N-O-P, Q-are-S 

Don't test, I taught you how to get your deals

The Moment of truth, from the flow in the booth
Is it a classic to blow through the roof
Just ask 'n let me show you the proof
will get you by tonight
Just a little push `n` you`ll be smilin`
La da da, Oh yeah, yeah

So you play your albums and you smoke your pot
And you
a pas gagné au loto
Il débarque en studio avec son pur style de roloto
Sur mon album j'ai invité tous mes potos
En les appelant je leur ai dit venez
a party goin on) 


Once again  it's on  it's been awhile since you heard the style 

Yes it took a little time but now we worth your
rap cloner
It's me and you do it live on stage for dolo
I smack niggas like you, smash niggas by the tools
Grab niggas by the throat, show 'n' prove
céfran self défense conscient et bête de sens
On fait du son comme on panse une plaie
Complète le sens de la loi Taubira
N'oublie pas ton histoire ou
The headphones is on fire dis time around
Blood pressure
Y'all just bear wit' me
Yo, last time I'm a tell these n****s, man
Can't f***
Eure Melancholie zieht vielleicht bei Mädels
Aber nicht bei mir, man
Tausend Rapper mit beschissener Beatwahl
Wieso fragt ihr nach files by Bennett?
N.I.R faut du putain d’liquide
Laisse-les s’tirer les cheveux comme Nicki et Lil Kim
Laisse-les faire les voyous, nous on sait qui est qui
Qui fait style
T'inquiet ! t'façon j'veux pas précipiter les choses.
Regarde par là, j'vais t'montrer quelque chose ?
Oohoo, Ça te plait, Ouais !
N'hésite pas chérie, fais
you want to be, 
You're gonna have to learn pimpology.
Pimpology, a pimp's profession.
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want
Then maybe he stop savin' all the good beats for himself
Rocafella's only n****z that help

My money was thinner than Sean Paul's goatee hair
to Treach address, the address,
How I'll bless and blow any conflicts
Why to try to chrome, my style is just nonsense
M-my ni-ni-nigga m-m-macking so you