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just ain't let you know (ha!)

I said, elvis presley ain't got no soul (huh)
Chuck berry is rock and roll (damn right)
You may dig on the rolling stones
Just to crush me on the dole
I'm the lowest of the low
A rockin boppin lunatic

Whack for me daddy
I'm a rock'n'roll paddy
Whack for me daddy
the name stuck and by the time such luminaries as Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley and B.B. King had heard this new Warhols Sound, they were calling it Rock
ain't let you know.. (HA!) 

I said, Elvis Presley ain't got no soul (huh) 

Chuck Berry is rock and roll (damn right) 

You may dig

Je revois ces lettres de noblesse
A sa majesté altesse
Elvis Presley premier du nom
Hélas il change de ton
Il a mis de l'eau dans son rock
Mais je
When rock'n'roll first came around, the preachers all went crazy
But soon that wasn't enough to bring people in the door
So now they jump on any
Oh - Rock 'n' roll kind of took its toll 
when she shed her inhibitions,
Too many scenes in limousines 
and dressing room intermissions.

She was
can't judge a man by looking at the marque

Hail hail rock 'n' roll, comes from are 'n' be and soul
Don't leave me standing in the cold
I used to fake 'I
Eu gosto mesmo é do Falcão 
Vira volta, volta vira e mexe 
Pega, deita e rola no Camaleão 

O rock do Barão é pop 
Pop mesmo é eu te amar
the gates of Graceland

My eyes got kind of moist
Home sweet home to rock'n'roll
And Elvis' Rolls Royce
I'm lost somewhere

Lost between Elvis and suicide
Ever since the day we died, well
I've got nothing left to lose

After Jesus and Rock 'n' Roll
fuck you and Elvis Presley
I'm sick of that dead motherfucker let him die
Everybody always comin' with an alibi
Now they say he ain't dead, he livin' in
Die haben 'ne tolle wie Elvis Presley

Bad Boys para siempre, Partners in Crime
Mein Album macht mich fame, aber die Straße macht mich reich
out to a fancy restaurant 

Came in actin all nonchalant 

Asked you a question, shook up like Elvis Presley 

Your makeup smudged, your hair
on the television said
He said the king of rock' n roll was dead
And in the spooky television light
She said, "Don't ever forget this night."
I was fucking Wendy
back to the matter at hand 

It's Green Lantern 
With Elvis Presley 
The selfish MC 
Back to the ruin rap 

And destroy the industry 
to us, huh?)
(I never seen five niggas on Elvis Presley album cover!)
Only thing you can identify with is losing,
Ten number one albums in a row,
Who better than me?
Only the Beatles nobody ahead of me,
I crush Elvis in
rock'n'roll Elvis is alive
Kennedy for president
Shot in Dallas 1 PM
Liberty LSD
Lucy in the skies


Sue you out for every course
Rock star!
Rock star! (rock on)
Rock star! (rock on)
It's rock n roll! (rock on!)

I got ladies that love my ladies
Haters that hate my haters
our souls
We got into beer and cars
And rock 'n' roll

We knew Jesus was the answer
And Elvis was the king
Blue Suede Shoes and Rock
goons fakin' stab wounds, I need to shank the crank 
Elvis Presley Jr., tryin' to be somethin' that you ain't 
No daps, y'all are hoes, y'all go
tryin to be a rapper
But rappin don't mean shit to Elvis Presley-lovin crackers
Plus I'm with a record label gankin me and fuckin me
Niggas always
By this microphone, by this microphone 
I think the rock 'n roll girls 
In this world want apologies, want apologies 

I read this stuff, but
stole the keys from ya friends
Lookin out ya madrion hotel window like Elvis Presley
Coming down the elevator
Good evening mister excuse me pardon me