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He said, 'Don, try to *'Hold To What You Got'

But *'Ninety-Nine and a Half' won't do
Like Wilson Pickett said

I tried, *'A Lover's Prayer'
I want you to close you're eyes, n' envision
The most beautiful place in tha world
If you in the hood, the ghetto street corner
Come on this journey,
on the airwave and it's yours, pick the heart of your choice.
Friends and lovers, give a call, make a match - by the sound of a voice.

Why-o-you-n-g -f-are-
crashes and glass breaks* like vehicles 
I pop suckers like sickle 
I tickle your fancy like Nancy and Wil-son get ill son 
rock it from Farnville,
the feel, I guess I'm passionately pimpin'
It 'tis what it seems
That thing imprintin' through the seams of my jeans, by all means
Lost it all, from lives