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' roll desire

And the days go by
Morning, noon and night
Permanently wired
To a simple life

And the way we were
Fatefully entwined
time to get louder and not by yourself 

Perpetrators of invisible crimes 
Only magistrate sits in our minds 
The audience cheers as some people
We took love easy
One day at a time
I keep those memories in my mind
Ain't a day goes by
I don't stop crying
Things ain't simple anymore
We were
In a shameless world, 
Rock 'n roll desire

And the days go by 
Morning noon and night, 
Permanently wired 
To the simple life,
I can't hold on
'N I can't return
Its time to let go
'N start to live and learn

I took a one-way flight
Too high to see the ground
Now I
On up & away & afar & a go-go
Escape from the weight of your corporate logo!

Now they wanna hear a country nigga rap
Five albums in, I swear a country nigga snap
Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass
Thought they
See if we can kill your amnesia by the time I leave,
All mommies I harbor for vouch for me,
Tell 'em bout the time all your mommas couch mommy
'N sugar 'n spikes 'n neon nights
Walk 'n lights 'i chains coughin' smoke whoopin' hope
Cardinal sky rush by falls bark in dark
Fall back in dark
of the times
When we couldn’t make up our minds
Hours and years, just disappear

I’m looking out for a simple kind of true
Don’t know what I am waiting for
and The Country Roads Collection Albums.

You know sometimes I can't get to sleep at night
I can't quiet my heart or my mind
I toss and turn, I ache and burn
I get
(Mike Pinder) As time goes by you will see That we're going to be free You and me, we'll touch the sky Can you see in your mind's eye That we are one
This song was first released on the Spirit album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Born in the month of June
No silver spoon to help

This is the time when our minds begin stocking
Jammering on when our lips have stopped talking

Simple people, simple needs
Fingers linger
know... I know...

You can have your way Sweet baby
While I blow your mind. (I'll blow your mind)
Soft n' easy loven' girl is so hard to find.
It's gonna'
come in
For there will be a war, it's inevitable 
And at this time, I need you all to be 
prepared for the worst 
(hu-hail) My soldiers 

a nigga by surprise, I was astounded
He a real cool dude but why he call me clownin'?

You say'n you don't know bout it? Know bout what?
wit' us

I talked to Craig, Jewels and Kais a long time
Long story short they said you don lost ya damn mind
And I runnin' off deep and across ya damn
by: N. Giraldo & P. Giraldo
When me reach me yard me got one thing on me mind,
To hold me little woman and fe make her feel irie.
Be play album, dub plate, and forty-five
and The Country Roads Collection Albums.

You know sometimes I can't get to sleep at night
I can't quiet my heart or my mind
I toss and turn, I ache and burn
I get
today's doe money
No time for your freestyles so roll money
No more whack albums with two joints
No more ballplayin' rappers who shoot ya two points
slip, I'll whip
Cuz homeboy, ya slippin'

I understand that music calms the savage beast
But keep in mind that I compose my music piece by piece
to pass....

Though men and minds and times will change still pinioned they by fers of growinkg old...though scalpeled hands will plumb the deepest corners none
and there will come a time
When to each other we'll be kinder
Than we were, than we were
And there will come, and there will come
A peace of mind, a peace