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dope by the ki's, bundles, and pounds
Crown niggas in the way of progress
Mobbstress with intelect above the rest
Of the nanny goes wanna be sex symbols
your label kissin ass like a damn sucker
Meanwhile, Mag in Virginia in some house shoes, watchin the news
Do my album when I'm ready, tell my label
security escort me
Now you wanna run to the authorities and report me
For being cocky...t'ward those that cock block me
I'm makin' millions, no nigga, it
will be in fear

In this game, can't nobody hold me
Plus I'm 2-piecin niggaz like Charlie Ward did Kobe
I still remember saving them cans
Now I
went from cheddar to cheese from powder to cooked rocks 
From the ghetto to the lakes 
(to the lakes 3rd ward, Caliope) 
Slangin' thangs in the hood
sister be the first one to get smoked
Then I grab your grandma by her weave hair
And whip her old ass with that wooden leg she wear
I'm from the bloody