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and call yo bitches." Cause there's gunna be a party. 
Next they wash my body as a team and then they say 
"Foo your royal penis is clean." 
And I'm like,
should do? 
We should go get her album when it come out, what she gon do she gon do, shh
Hi Missy! 
Hi Missy?! 
Wusup foos!
You think I ain't knowin
benvenidos, by popular demand
It's the most requested DJ from the east coast
Io canto, en el nombre del padre, hijio, e del el spirito santo
I'm half Indian,
[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Hey, it's the same once again
Microphones fully loaded and friends
Funny I try to make this end
But it seems I'm returnin'
as a pitch??
Bitch please
I'm none of them fake mc's
That sees their enemies and run like hoes
Nuthin to fear but fear foo confront your foes
And tell em

How can sick can one nigga be
You think I'm off that PCP but its Chewy!
A lot of niggas never heard of me
I said beware of me
Now they scared of me
break up the pieces and does the best decide
Hit ya with that pesticide
I keep ya man, ya milli' - legacy loaded by my side
I'm killin' these wise guys
Covered in such, drive-by the sun with a low (?)
Third album Wheel of Fortune when I bought those O's
And every other letter when I chose
85%, I'm 400 solid
Brainbolic wit knowledge, cock-diesel scholars
Holdin' it down, walkin' around wit gold by the pound
Frozen down wit diamond bolders