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The things that I've been up to
Since you went away
I think that we are even Steven 

And I'm amazed at how you fumble 
Through saying
© 2002 by Jamie Stevens and Rodney Ronquillo

verse 1:
You say I don't ever see you
You say that I don't notice who you are
But I don't ever have
And I was taken, I was taken by that cursed crew.
My father cried, "Oh, my darling son"
My wife she wept and said, "I'm undone"
My mother tore her
new song
I give it to her before right before I put my moves on
I'm in that two door coop me and Sufjan
Tell 'em I don't even need a deal like group
Words and music by Steven Page and Stephen Duffy 
I was surprised at how incredibly fast you were
To come up and ask for a light.
I was amazed
First things first girl,
Recognize who is with you now
Second thing, can't blame me for how
You were treated before I came
See I'm not Steven
One time I was in the checkout line
Behind Steven Seagal
Once I'm pretty sure Mr. Jonah Hill
Was in the very next bathroom stall
My best friend's

i'll call him Steven, 
and when i call, he'll come round. 
i am near as far as i can tell i'm standing by your wishing well, 
i'm looking
Music and lyrics by Jamie Stevens
© 2002 by Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)

Verse 1:
I don't wanna waste
Written by: tim james, steven mcclintock and marc mancina

The child in my eyes
Stares sometimes
When I was so much younger

A place in
land on their feet
If that's a lie
I want you to delete it

Was mystified
Took a Greyhound for a ride
And by Arcadia
Decided I'd be Steven
Now we're even
these people with them all at they gonna rob me
I'm gonna take out my wallet to make sure they just get the money
Nothing else..
Oh it's the police
ship that passes by never sees
I'm out here all alone waving helplessly

This is an S.O.S. for love
Can you get here fast enough
Please won't somebody
a even steven
Proceed to read and not believing everything I'm reading
But my brain was bleeding, needing feeding and exercise
I didn't seek the best
(E. Stevens/E. Rabbitt/D. Malloy)
If you ever need me, call me on your phone line
You've got my number, if you ever want me I'm your lifeline
I was staring a hole through CMT
Watchin' everybody else who'd been waitin' for me
I thought by now I'd been a household name
After all I had, if
against all odds and got a even steven
Proceed to read and not believin' everything I'm readin'
But my brain was bleedin', needin' feedin', and exercise
Sundays with my mother
I wish I was Steven Tyler
This is who I am

I'm a little moody sometimes
Act a little funny sometimes
I wish I was Mellow Yellow
Written by billy burnette and steven soles.

Angeline you talk about love but do
You know what you mean
Angeline you talk about love but you're
Transcribed by patrick and nicola

"I am tired and I'm bored,", he said. /
"and I've got kinks in my bed. /
This work, how I hate it, I'd
What a gal, becoming my best pal
Thought by now she'd be throwing in the towel
But that's not her style

She's what Cat Stevens calls a Hard
not keep the gospel from anyone

You and I are not that different
Deep inside we want everyone to know Jesus loves
You may be an ocean away
Written by: tim james, steven mcclintock, phil coleman and george tobin

No, I'm not making that promise again
Nothing can change my mind
After all, I'm not a barbarian, I'm just a slayer
The first cut is the deepest, it says in a song
Well, I can assure you that Cat Stevens was
[Snoop Dogg]
Brothers is wack by popular demand
Chasing fame and girls living they life on cruise control
But tell me, what do it profit a man