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I do declare, that there's Loretta Lynn's Lincoln

Dolly said, 'slide over, J Otis, let me take you downtown
Miss Loretta's waitin' for us
I remember when Loretta Lynn said you want to walk me home again
And I said mhm yes I do
And she said well I don't want to go right home
And I'm
I remember when Loretta Lynn said you want to walk me home again
And I said mhm yes I do
And she said well I don't want to go right home
And I'm
With Loretta Lynn in my head 
That's me I'm smelling like a rose 
Waking up in filthy clothes 

And where have they gone 
Stand By Your Man. That's what I'm talkin' about.

Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Connie Smith, Johnny Paycheck, remember him - Take This Job and Shove It;
the cup, order it up
Who am I drinking tonight?

You might not have guessed
Judging by my heels and lacy dress
I'm a wide-neck Gretchen, Loretta Lynn
and turning nights are over
I don't even feel a touch of blues
Once more I can see the sun a shining
Shining though I know I'm over you
So don't think it ain't
I'm in here
Let's rap
So, I come in here, talk to my son, you know?
But, but, his next album he got comin' out
You know it's been such a spiritual
Loyal fans and newfound followers
Whassup y'all? Hello how are you doin out there?
You're chillin I'm winnin
Oh by the way the album's out go get
mean Damicica, damn
Man I think I got ADD
I'm callin' you to say I think I've seen the light
Reg should come over right now and just sleep with me
Houses of the holy
Was an album by led zeppelin
I bought it on eight track
Not on cd
Fades out in the middle
The way an eight track's s'posed
Out of time
Out of luck
Thought I was just dreamin
Then I woke up
You said it was over
The end of the line
I'm telling everybody I'm fine
you ever think of stopping me, Bblow it out ya ass!
I'm a hustler by nature but criminal by law
Any charges set against me, chunk it up and stand tall
But by the way, hmm, nice butt?
Let's go chill so I can get to know you better
Her first name was Loretta, she drove up a Baretta

We got to my
to keep it, but they... when the monster came out of the cave, just over on the left hand side of the screen you
Ee about this much two-by-four attached
After bein' 25  you know  just trying to survive in the world 
Bout to have a little boy or baby girl. Who knows? 
Anyway  just when you
So we takin' over it
You can rap all you want and sing
But I'm runnin' things
I'm forever makes you want to scream
Cause I'm the one and king
mean, we can handle that, we are pretty good, you know. and I'm
Sorry about that, but well... yeah, roland is a very nice guy. he's
Doing a big part
alone, the ass had us both in the zone
But you know the rules, both been schooled by older dudes
I know the jewels no time for them thoughts, too much
Magoo word 
You know what I'm saying? I'm putting this man down 
'Cause he got it like that, don't bite him 
And of course Missy Elliott 
We put it
stoped? How come it's not still going
Because it's over, Beevis this is perhaps the coolest album ever made
I think you're right Butthead, come on come
proved to you!

There was a big crowd of mourners at the church house
The section hands laid him in the sand
Trains go by on the rails John Henry laid.
From the 12 inch single "Nineteen" by Phil Lynott with bonus Thin Lizzy track
Also appeared on the live Thin Lizzy album BBC Radio One Live In
I'm playing your stereogram
Singles remind me of kisses
Albums remind me of plans
Tonight it's love by the fire
The wind plays over the coals
You thought I went for the flip,
But I'm bustin' off hip-hop, clip after clip.
I kept you out there, ripped you for your wear.
Jump inside your