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Wish I was in bowling greens
Sitting in my chair
When I'm around my pretty little gal
When I'm around my dear, when I'm around my dear

really tough that you
keep the record player going by rubbing two sticks together. And if all else fails, throw
the record away... build your own green
on the day I was born
Don't you cry when you see I'm gone
You know there ain't no woman gonna settle me down
I just gotta be travelin' on

Green green it's
My father's father's on the front porch rockin' 
A friend drops by, two old men talkin' 
Rememberin' so many other summer days 

Grandma's in
the big April moon, she'll be by my side by the third day of June.

Way out by lonely bayou. 
There waits a girl where the green grasses grow.
Waits she
really fly
With you by the green tree
We'll lie by the green tree
Green tree?
We're your company
We're your company
I'm a workin' woman
With a baby
Whiskey and green tea at the KTV
Whiskey and green tea nearly killed me like (at the KTV)

In my room, the ain't no sun or no moon
And I'm
on the day I was born don't you cry when you see I'm gone
There ain't no woman gonna settle me down I gotta be travelin' on
A singin' (green green...)

And my body and mind

Like the shoreline that divides the sea and sand
I'm a surface ever changing
I get burdened by the things I just don't understand
Green the whole year 'round,
The holly yew and the ivy tree
Are green the whole year 'round

But the summer fades and the days grow short
The night runs away with the day
The grass that was green is now hay
The world goes around without even a sound
And it looks like the summer is
nights down by the sawmill
We sit and talk, her hand in mine

Country green, do you know what I mean?
She's true and pure like country green
There's a winding road and a tall pine tree, by the tall pine tree, she waits for me.
Oh, yes, she waits in the little green house that sits on top
in the Indian Summer
And I'm soaking it up in my mind
And I'm pretending that it's paradise
On a golden autumn day, on a golden autumn day
I live up here on this hill
She lives down there in the green belt
Her parents don't like me cos I'm come from this hill
There little girls future
the sun don't shine

Tomorrow morning I swear to my soul
I'm gonna go cut me a hickory pole
And sit right back by the fishin' hole all day

and things got rather tough

Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
My father he was orange and my mother she was green

Baptised by father
Poetry deep in the team
Y'all done stepped on we, the green green
Bust it

Suits of brutality patrol sectors
Day care centers ran by vestors
the sun don't shine
Tomorrow morning I swear to my soul
I'm gonna go cut me a hickory pole
And sit right back by the fishin' hole all day
And the teacher said.. What you doin' young man
I'm paintin' flowers he said
She said,
It's not the time for art young man
And anyway flowers are green and red
a thing Man could buy,
All the money that I have in store,
I would give for one day by her side,
In the Valley of Strathmore.
From the glen of the golden
trees sway

Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way
I'm sinking in
To a sea of secrets
Warm and green
Down and down
Back to times and places never seen
Now and then
I can wake and I remember
Sunrise comes and I don't know why
Living loves and the day does fly
Soon the moon and baby and I
Will be lyin' side by side

How many of your
It's not that easy being green
Having to spend each day the colour of the leaves
When I think it could be nicer being red or yellow or gold