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Stand By Your Man. That's what I'm talkin' about.

Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Connie Smith, Johnny Paycheck, remember him - Take This Job and Shove It;
the cup, order it up
Who am I drinking tonight?

You might not have guessed
Judging by my heels and lacy dress
I'm a wide-neck Gretchen, Loretta Lynn
thinking  check it 

Yo  the education of the Lon chicka Lonnie Lynn 
Began, began with time 
Being my bloodline is one with the divine 
In time
Ain't no love in Oakland, bitch
Niggas always talkin bout 'I love you'
But ain't no love, bitch

Now it's a shame, I can't be saved by John
shoulder... ? Aw, you're fulla shit, man... ah, listen, by the way, before I go on; did you get those white albums I sent ya with the pencil on the front... ?