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Southern Dream Track #22 2:44
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Chicago, November 12, 1947
With Blind John Davis - piano, Big
Apple Tree Swing Track #12 2:22
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Sonny Boy Williamson - vocals & harmonica
With Blind John
From the 12 inch single "Nineteen" by Phil Lynott with bonus Thin Lizzy track
Also appeared on the live Thin Lizzy album BBC Radio One Live In
Uh, say what? 
Uh, say what? 
Uh, say what? 
1-2, 1-2 
I be that man they call Timbaland 
On these funky beats do you hear him? 
Uh-huh, Uh-huh
to the heaven I'm so dope its
A weapon raps one big casino I'm plottin ocean eleven aye I might have sold the least but I still
Manage to most feared by most
To subatomic particles, strong enough to stop a bull 
Bodies slam, to oxygen, drop a mule 
Urinating rocket fuel, freestylin over gospel tunes 
Rhymes by
you recorded your album on a 4 track
You ain't underground cause your beats are wack, or even if they're fat
You ain't underground simply cause your
V12 is roaring,
Flying through the city with the pedal to the floor then,
I put them 26 inches on the curb, tell the hood I'm back,
Give me a corner,
With cats rippin' over-seas tracks by Nicolay
This shit gon' blow, I'll tell you how the shit'll go
With Joe Scudda and Tiggalo the Rap Gigolo
in thin air, there go Game, nigga where?
Posted on the block in them black Airs
In that all black Phantom, hug the block like a bear

Yeah, that V12 is
mort, c'est l'album de ma vie
J'suis rentré dans ta tèss, y avait pas tant d'cadors
Les pules-cra vendent la mort, j'm'en fous d'tes ventes balourd
Aiyyo, check this out, right here is Kadi
The man with the yellow hat and uhh
This track right here is by the motherfuckin Beatnuts aight?
and livin large
The clothes, plus the cars and the video broads
At a show he gets a call by a crooked A&R
You know how the rest go, the snake told the boy he