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representing the Git It Boyz
This your boy Chingy
And matter of fact,
I wanna shout out everybody who had something to do with this album
The Features
frustrated cause ain't no more N'Sync, now I'm all out of wack
I'm all out of Backstreet Boys to call out and attack
I'm going all out in this rap shit
Kenny Silvers 
The boy who disappeared,
Kenny Silvers 
The boy who disappeared

Kenny gets by on a fiddle almost every day
Chasing his
Its bad boy, baby

We go by the name of q, mike, slim, daron
And this is part three
You know, like the third album
Like the third time we been here
frustrated cause ain't no more N'Sync, now I'm all out of wack
I'm all out of Backstreet Boys to call out and attack
I'm going all out in this rap s***
Mister Campbell don't mess around 
Give us a sample of the mad style you possess 
Oh yes, l'd gamble crazy ass ducks 
Cause I know you'll be
the backstreet boys 
And britney spears
Where they gonna be in the next few years
We got bullshit songs written by old farts
In the hopes that one of them will
Yo, yo can y'all' hear me out there
Let me intoduce myself ladies and gentlemen
See I go by the name of Big Woody Rock
And I'd just like you
song, baby
I've been working hella hard, though
There's people telling me I'm 'bout to be a star, bro
But when I play 'em some of this, they like

Pump ya fists like this
Hollar if ya hear me 
(pump, pump) if ya pissed
To tha sell-outs livin' it up
One way or another you'll be givin it
is many holes
this goes
for Lataranza Elmo
i show
how uptown niggas roll
ya' big boy, me and my niggas did it to ya
automatic, black chopper
reminisce over you my God
To the sounds of the Soul Brother #1
(Jump) all around like Everlast & them cause your boy back
Man I'm sick of this bubble gum
Let's party
Imagine the Backstreet Boys
Here with the Neptunes
Calling the rap room
Play time now holla
Push to be one if you holla
Slo' mow,
From the 12 inch single "Nineteen" by Phil Lynott with bonus Thin Lizzy track
Also appeared on the live Thin Lizzy album BBC Radio One Live In
There has to be some explanation for this insanity
Yeah, y'all niggas faker than that boy (fill in the blank)
Now give me the dank
Niggas claim they want
the mall with garbage bags
Gucci this, Prada that
Roll witcha boy you'll be poppin' tags


It's a party when I go up in the sto'
I got a chopper and a trimmer shootin' like Jimmer
You coming in that water boy, you better be a swimmer
I aint worrying bout ya'll, sittin' in my
Its shit like this I kick to these rich white kids 
Who just might see how fucked up this sick life is 
Whoops I did it again, didn't I?
Another nigga, other nigga name on your chain
And they call me a slave
Niggas scared of this country boy, lord forbid I catch a body
In the studio tryna
so raw
Moped like a bullet
You can't catch me
A po-po can't reprimand me
I'm in a B-Boy stance, I'm not dancing
I got your girl on the back going
shit on your new album or what? 

Yeah, I'm gonna kick some of that shit
But ah, partner I don't even fuck with the nine no more half

Man don't you
and DJ's know how to pound beats
Like kids with flat feet and crap beats walking down backstreets
So much work went into this to line the notes of fact
What's Gettin' Wrong With You Track #24 2:47
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(Big Bill Broonzy) 
Big Bill Broonzy - vocal
John Lee Williamson -
the Maybach Benz
Fly this then sanaa lathan
Pumpin' Brown Sugar by D'Angelo

In Los Angeles, like an evangelist
How can you introduce you to your maker ?
I like a big girl, I like 'em sassy
Going down the backstreet listening to Blackstreet
Running around the whole town
Neighbors yelling at me