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Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks) · The Collection: Brooks & Dunn/Hard Workin' Man (Brooks & Dunn) · A Tribute to Garth Brooks [Cleopatra] (Hutchinson, Hutch) · The World's Greatest Garth Brooks Tribute (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks) · Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow (Mavado) · Roots of Garth Brooks (Johnny Paycheck) · Garth Brooks & the Magic of Christmas (Garth Brooks) · Brooks Brothers: Slow Jazz (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Brooks Brothers: Cocktail Jazz (Hutchinson, Hutch) – and 90 other albums »

flashin from oowops blastin 

A face gets bashed in for street crews clashin 

Forever be forever great 

It's the same shit tomorrow  eulogies
too busy consultin' Leann Rimes
Trying to predict the number of albums she sold last night

I had Brooks & Dunn on a conference call
They said
high, nigga
Best believe we get by, nigga
Best believe we get live, nigga

Hot damn hoe here we go again (Let's Go)
My God damn flow buries
sell it triple-price, fuck the books (Talk about, what?)
Where we re-up, re-locate, re-off them brooks (Talk about, what?)
So when we pull up, it ain't

The album, the third 

The trilogy will be heard from Toronto to Pittsburgh 

Yo Ev do we got retail in Afghanistan 

(Man I don't know
with it, so I ain't gotta rap
But I'm thankful for that, don't mistakin' me black
Cause you'll be stankin' in the back of a fuckin' Cadillac