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Parody of "Where the Green Grass Grows" by Tim McGraw (Jess Leary/Craig Wiseman), Song Matters Inc. (ASCAP)/Leary's Tavern Music (ASCAP)/Daddy Rabbit
Parody of Refried Dreams by Tim McGraw (J. Foster/M. Peterson) Zomba Enterprises/Millhouse Publishing Company (ASCAP/BMI)
New lyrics by Cledus T.

And I said

Hey John Michael Montgomery won't mind

If I steal a song and make it mine all mine

Like I did so many times with Tim McGraw's

after that, I have a full relapse.
Lose my hand in a game of craps.
And after that everyone calls me claw.
And after that I work for Tim McGraw
The apple gloss on Miami Beach, David Hasselhoff
Hassle me I'm Tim McGraw, I don't pass the ball
Ball hard fourth quarter shoot the lights off
Fast break,
a southern drawl, 
Acts like Toby Keith, but sounds a lot like Tim McGraw 

But if he's country I'll kiss your ass, 
And throw all my Willie Nelson records
a problem y'all
It's like hip-hop, meets effin Tim McGraw
We two fools and don't take no mess
Bitch lumber logs just to work the chest
He's country